Anyone find it very scary to be home alone???

When my anxiety is out of control I start to get scared and can't be home alone. Or if I'm home alone its not like a normal person I'm checking my pulse and my body feels on edge. Smh Anxiety is the fucking devil, I wish I could just be like a normal person and just be able to relax watch TV and just live day to day without always thinking scary ass thoughts. Does anyone else feel this way? I haven't left my house since about a few days. Only been leaving the house to get food, haircut, pick up my wife and daughter. I dont freely go out either I only go out if I HAVE to. New years I was really miserable but only had fun because I got drunk and the next day my anxiety was worse and actually since then my anxiety took a nose dive. Can't find work at all and jobs that Are interested in me is sales and I hate sales. I was going to the gym and started seeing results until I had a bad anxiety attack in the gym and since then I haven't been to the gym smh. I've been holding this in for weeks and weeks nobody knows its this bad. Not even my wife, I dont want to worry her because she's pregnant. And ive been very stressed because I'm not working and we move in a few and I'm broke and don't know where the money is going to come for the rent. My therapist takes me lightly smh she talks to me as if I'm her nephew or something and keeps saying "u will be fine you been down this road before. It's all anxiety, once you fix the main problem everything else will go away" I understand all that but let's focus on how I'm feeling at the moment and that is shitty! I'm a 33 yr old MAN and scared to be home alone like a little bitch because I feel all these physical symptoms that sometimes I dont think is anxiety smh. My bday is coming up and I'm so sad. I have been acting fake happy around my family for the past month and they dont know how quickly my anxiety took a dip. Its like the depression just dropped right on my head smh idk how it slowly creeped and had this crippling fear of everything. Does anyone have fear of leaving their house from either just scared ANYTHING can happen to you? And does anyone feel scared to be home alone and why??....


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  • I feel all these same things exactly. Im scared to tell my family about my anxiety getting worse because then they worry and they just tell me ill be fine. I've been home alone the last few days and just constant panic attacks but too scared to go out. I think when I'm home alone I just feel more alone than usual and it makes it harder with nobody to comfort or talk to just to keep my mind alittle occupied. I've all of a sudden been scared to drive which has never been a fear of mine. This shit sucks. Wish I could help but it's really only something we can all help ourselves with. Atleast we know others can relate.

  • I feel the same way i dont like being home by myself either. I be having a hard time coping wit things. So now im gonna be staying wit my mom and taking my daughter out of school and closing my house up. Smh this anxiety got me way off

  • Yes. I feel that way all the time. I don't want to attach myself to my husband's hip, but sometimes I want to do just that. My mind really starts to wander when I'm alone. I know how you feel.

  • Its scary smh but what does your mind wonder off thinking about?

  • My fears revolve around health anxiety. So, it's usually whatever I happen to be obsessing over at the time.

  • I am not only scared to be home alone but I'm also scared to leave my house and it sucks because this is not who I am at all. I actually used to have a career and my own home and I did everything independently now I'm living with family and housebound and I also do not like to be home alone. My heart goes out to you and if you ever need to talk we are all here.🙄

  • i had the same issue these past couple of months!its all just anxiety playing tricks and making you think that something bad is going to happen. try doing meditation because it will calm your panic down and makes you feel more relaxed and at ease. Also try going for walks around your house everyday for around 10-15min because you will feel less afraid about it each day. Also i know this may sound crazy but try and accept the sensation of ur panic attack and focus on it ,be excited about the thought of a panic attack and see it as its something positive,then it will slowly go away,i found this to be really helpful.hope everything goes well

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