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family why am Iike this


I suffer from acute anxiety/panic attacks and have done for 30years on and off. well at the mo im in bad space when \i am like this \i tend to lock my self away and dont want to me in touch with my family just be left alone and I dont know why!! they all know how I suffer I dont allow them to visit my home through this. recently this as got worse and dont want any contact.

does anybody else go through this? or am I the only one?

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ur not the only one clio51 i 2 prefere 2 b by my self when i have my episodes 1 because i prefere it and 2 so it duznt cause me anymore stress ,at the end of the day u know if u want family around or not !! so no ur not alone !!! there is a good bunch on here if u need some poitive support and we all try 2 help each other !!! the one thing 2 know is ur not alone and ur not belive me ,i know sometimes it feels that way x

HI clio51, i think my worse episode of anxiety, depression and panic was caused by my own flesh and blood. i was going through a hard time at work about four years ago now and my own sister made my life so much worse than it had to be, i ended up in therapy and ive always said it was her that put the icing on the cake! it was a really awful time and even though she new i was suffering she just kept going. my life has improved since ive had nothing to do with either of my sisters and there spitful mouths calling me nutcase and just about everything else. if people are making life hard for you then do what i do and cut them out!!!!!! it worked for me.......if they cant accept you at your worse then they dont deserve you at your best. xxxxxx

hear ,hear !!! well said sam1981 x

Good for you


Hi clio51,

No you aren't your own, I for one do this to an extent, if I have a lot of social committments all at once, I tend to back out, and don't want to answer the phone etc. I do see my family, but pick, whom and when I want to, and if asked to, they will leave me be.

I have several friends, who just seem to vanish for long periods of time, until they recover. x

I am always having to pretend I'm ok for my family, and they get annoyed and stressy with me anyway, but I still just put up with it. I'm frightened they will all abandon me or something. I


Yes we all have people in our lives that do not understand. I have a sister that does not talk to me because of my panic attacks I have cried so many times over this but it is not worth it! When I found this site it was a breath of fresh air!!!!! Save your strength it's not worth it. Things have a way of working out I just pray for her have a blessed day! I too stay to myself when I'm not up to par I like myself an getting stronger every day! Xxxxx

yes i go through the same! been 30 years for me to,ive tried to explain to my family but given up! they think im silly and dont understand mental health.when im having a bad day i dont answer the door or phone or go out! i find i dont need the extra works for glad ive found this site as it does get lonely,but over the years i have learnt to cope and except myself and have inproved a lot you learn how to cope with positive thinking and trying not to feel guilty!x

I know where you coming from, i don't want to bother my family and friends when i'm feeling down or anxious. I just don't feel like talking to anyone sometimes. I have phases where i ignore the phone ringing or knocks on the door.

ur not the only one no im like that some days i just wanna stay in bed and not see anyone .plus i dont like going to the door to people my kids have to go if i order a chincse ur somethink so know i know how u feel x

Linden. I have suffered over 40 years with panic attacks, agoraphobia, mnophobia ( afraid to be alone ) even in my own home, and now my husband has altizheimer,so I d not have anyone to speak to, so I am inclined tohelp me take my mind off it, there are days I want to stay in bed, and try to sleep the day away.I have been on valium over 30 years, and am on Cipralex, but this does not get rid of the worry of my husband, which causes the anxiety to get worse, unless people have had this they do not understand, so you feel so alone with this awful problem. I am not able to leave my home alone,

Since joining this site, it has helped me not to feel so alone with this awful problem.

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