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Headache :-(


Always this time a month i get a bad head, harmones as my sister does but she gets migranens. Im sat in the bingo with me mom, and have just took one nurofen. Its either that or let it get worser and then come a few hours from now i will have a migrane. Think im getting better wen it comes to taking nurofen. Even thou i only take the one wen u can take two i know they help with head aches.

Lets hope that sun comes back and that rain goes. Was lovely last wkend and i think it helps to lift our moods xxx

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Hi Donaf,

I hope you win at the bingo, my gran was always lucky. Nurofen make me feel queezy now, I used to take eight a day but can't touch them now. I take co codamol as they work well without the sck, dizzy feeling.

Hope you feel better soon, love Cookie xxx

hi, i suffer a lot at that time of the month with all sorts and stick to boots own brand of paracetomal and codine in ither words co codamol. try not to take anti inflamitries like nurofen if you have a sensitive stomach. x

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