Lightheaded and pressure headaches

Hi all.. Ive had these symptoms for two years peaked prob 6months ago. I've had massages, counterstrain once, propanolol for anxiety but all I'm anxious about is the symptoms.. I do meditation relaxes you but doesn't stop or help the lightheadedness or pressure on the head. Has anyone found something real that works it's ruining and running my life at mo.. I've lost jobs because of this.


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  • Hi rjcv3, Before your symptoms started, had you by chance been on an antibiotic, such as Cipro or Avelox or Levaquin? I ask because they can cause those symptoms and often the reaction is delayed so you don't connect the dots, and they can last. If so, there are things that can help. It happened to me, so I know a bit about it. LMK, and I wish you well.

  • No I hadn't but thank you for reply

  • Hi dizzykitty I think you maybe right I did have someone go into the back of me while I parked high speed to and I had no seatbelt prob bout 2 and a half years ago bout 6 months or maybe bit longer symptoms started an have slowly got worse. Literally just rememerd it.

  • But did you take an antibiotic, like Cipro?

  • Nope not as far as i'm aware. I.didn't even talk to anyone bout accident really as felt fine at the time. Bit will bring this up at my next appointment. I've also located through a bit of research where the tension is coming from. it's at the very base of the skull. Apparently there are 4 small muscle groups here that connected from the 1st to the 2nd vertebrae... Now it's a question of what can be done bout it as I've tried most things...

  • Oh, good, I"m glad you didn't take those. They are very dangerous drugs. In that case, you probably have some disc issues, and those can heal. :)

  • Not really after a while it seem too change to a different symptom

  • Was it a better symptom lol

  • None are better lol ...

  • Sounds about right lol.. I just wanna gain some control feels like i'm a spectator in my own body lol

  • Hi rjcv3, I've had the lightheaded and pressure headaches in the past. They were called tension/muscular contraction headaches. I went through medical tests as well as all different kinds of techniques to help me and nothing worked. Nothing worked because my mind kept telling me something was wrong which fed into my anxiety even more so. Every kind of therapy used including meds is not a long term solution. Only you have the power to turn this all around with positive thinking. Get rid of the negativity. My question to you is that you are basically saying that you have no anxiety short of it being about the symptoms. Have you been in to see your doctor regarding these symptoms? Have you been cleared that it is not coming from a health issue? If so, then you need to start looking back in the direction of anxiety causing the symptoms. The symptoms have to come from somewhere.....The something real that works is Acceptance of the discomfort. But you have to know first where it's coming from. It's not easy, but the fact that it is ruining your life and you've lost jobs because of this should make you know something needs to be done.

  • Hi.ive had blood pressure checks bloods checked 6ecg's and nothing.. Doc says it's neck tension being overweight and I need to eat healthy.However I do have sleep apnea so im wondering if I need a different mask because I feel this is the possible cause not enough quality sleep. Can't get an appointment to address that possible issue until January however.

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