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Good morning all my friends ,I am a major in the Anxiety Resistance Army,as I have over 30 years of anxiety experience,and it gets no better,they say you can get used to anything after a while so I am waiting to get used to it(smile)Please don't think that this blog in anyway belittle's how you and I feel right now,light headed,ringing in my ears and just a little fed up,but we must carry fighting relentlessly every day.

On Tuesday at 8.40am I have yet another appointment with my GP(General No Help at all)where I have to see him to get a new prescription every month,so I have just written a letter to give him as it will save my time and his, asking me the same questions he always asks.

Ref/Chronic Anxiety and Tinitus

Dear Docter No Help since upping my Sertraline to 100mg per day there is no change,I still have the unbalanced feeling andTinitus but it does go away when I have what I call a very rare good day,maybe one day a month at the most,I still go out every morning food shopping ect but when I return home I spend most of the time in bed completly knackered and thats not me

Please try and understand it takes all my courage and resolve just to visit the surgery to see you,

I am dealing with anxiety every day and please don;t think that I will ever give up because although on the rare day I feel like it .

Thank you

Yours Sincerely Major Teabags,Anxiety /Medal of Courage and Bar

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