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no holiday this year looks like. anyone else?

i'm single so every year the summer comes around and everyone is making plans and getting away. i get to wonder what on earth i'm going to do on my own.

my anxiety prevents me from just jetting off on my own little adventures. i did last year and had a bad experience (on and off panic attacks for 3 days worrying about worrying) so this year it put me off booking another holiday.

now we are getting near the end of the summer, i've 3 weeks of leave left and wondering what to do with it.

i guess there are places you can go all year round so i could still get somewhere.

sorry this is a big moan but i'm sure you're all used to it :p

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No holiday for me this year too.

My wife was made redundant a few months ago and has only managed to find a part-time job paying LESS than the dole money!

I'm self employed and my business is just scratching along too.

Sometimes I'm not surprised I suffer from anxiety and health anxiety!


it's a sad state when people are out working hard for maybe an extra £10/£20 more than the dole pays.

it's true when people say they are better off on it.

i'll never go back on the dole though as long as i can help, definitely not good for your health!

on the holiday, the problem is i do have the money but anxiety / worry is my barrier.

think i've found one though that i'm enquiring about,

when you work hard all year you really feel you've missed out of you don;t get away



It s the same here .I didn t go on holiday for a year now.panick attack is a ugly beast.

Hopefully we will get over it eventually!!;-) and we will be able to have fun again!!


I am single too and have suffered with anxiety for years and panic attacks for the past two years. I travel on my own and with escorted tour groups. I find if you are with a group of people, even strangers you have never met, it is easier than being alone all the time. You then have the option of sitting with someone at dinner and on the coach or having some time alone if you are feeling a bit panicky.

I am now a recently qualified Tour Manager and am trying to get work in this area, which, although making me very sick with nerves and panicky, is something I have wanted to do for years and I am not going to let the anxiety rule my life and stop me from doing the things I want. It has already cost me so much, emigration plans, relationships etc. I am not going to let it control me forever, otherwise I will look back on my life with "what ifs" and I cannot live like this.

I love to travel and I enjoy meeting and helping people. My panic attacks are about living overseas on my own permanently forever, so am taking baby steps towards my goals and think being a tour manager will be good for me and my confidence/self esteem.

Emma aka wildmage


very positive attitude, i salute you. i wanted to go to Kenya to do some volunteer work but delaying it cause of my anxiety and panic attacks.

i love travelling and meeting people but just hate travelling, scares me a lot add to that trying to find someone to travel with!!!

good on you Emma

i did suggest before on this site that maybe we can go on holiday, few people from here it will be great :)


that's excellent emma

i've done a couple of group tours myself. they are better than being completly alone

like you say at least there is someone to talk to and you can always get away on your own for a bit if needed

you've done very well to become a tour manager!

the more you expose yourself the better. that's what i try and do, baby steps to build confidence. i think its something that will always be with me so i need to manage it as best i can. I wonit be letting it ruin my life completely if i can help it, we need try at least :)

my main goals at the moment are getting on holiday

getting a partner

buying a home (this is a constant worry as its such a big decision)


hi pestaa,i am just like you,my husband wanted to go on holiday for two weeks I really wanted to go and had it nearly booked when I took a downer, had a panic attack at the airport last year and this was all I could think of,took a massive headache,actually got sick with it,and I backed out of the holiday,then Isank into depression, because I wasan't getting away,my husband has completely lost patience with me now,and I feel like i'm on my own.writing all this down ,it looks so silly,reading it back to myself,but can't do anything about it,I am completely lost,don't know what to do to make things better I a'm so unhappy. god help us all.....


getting on the plane can be hard. i'm ok with it now mostly,

when i went last year i had a bad stomach before getting on. if you can have some medication to hand just in case it helps, like a smoker trying to quit., if they have cigs stashed somewhere its easier

only a few people understand anxiety , i wish more could. they can't see anyting wrong physically so whats wrong with yoU!?

if only it was that easy.

keep trying, and maybe give your hubby some ready material to understand it?


Hi, i'm in exactly the same situation - wish i had the guts to pack a bag and go on my own but have never managed it.

Really feel like i'm missing out on the best bits life has to offer and all down to my own fault.

Your goals are exactly the same as mine so i'll be routing for you :)

Thanks for sharing.


^ it's not your fault! i sometimes ask why me, but now i try and get it to the base level. these are the cards i've been dealt. sounds cliche but it is a chemical imbalance, our brains were wired wrong lol

not easy to think that when panic sets in, granted!

make small goals, don't beat yourself up too much.

we'll have our bad days and our good. just got to give it a shot, what have we to lose

take care


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