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Anxiety and Depression

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My anxiety has been much worse than usual for about a year now. I believe that as a result, I have developed depression too. I am trying Rexulti (just upped to 1 mg) in addition to Paxil. I can't really tell how the Rexulti is going to affect me yet. Wondering if people had experiences with Rexulti to share.

13 Replies
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I loved my Rexulti. But my insurance stopped paying for it and it is too expensive. Then my shrink put me on Abilify. Which she’s now weaning me off of. It was causing TD symptoms. Good luck with your meds

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Big_Bluefish in reply to LilyAnnepuppy

Thank you. Abilify worked for me for a while, but it made me really tired and kind of "dulled" me out too much. I'm hoping Rexulti will work. I took .5 mg for several weeks and I am now taking 1 mg. Increasing very slow.

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I don't have experience with these medication, but my journey of figuring out is my anxiety so bad it's depressing, or is my state of depression making me anxious was an intense cycle. I hope you find your way through it

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Big_Bluefish in reply to FauxxTrot

you too! We have to believe we can!

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downinthecrud in reply to FauxxTrot

it’s exhausting, isn’t it?

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Big_Bluefish in reply to downinthecrud

It is. No doubt.

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Good afternoon, I certainly hope your meds help. I take Prozac and I have for several years now, it helps with the depression but you have to be super consistent. I am also taking something new for Anxiety, Klonopin its new and so far, its okay. I still fell very blah a lot of days, especially this time of year. Tomorrow is my moms birthday, we lost her 10 years ago.

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jocko16 in reply to LibraSpirit

Ive taken klonopin on and off for 20 years. Its helpful for my anxiety and has gotten me through some tough days. Ill go a couple months using it regurlarly 1/2-1 mg dailly.

Then when my anxiety and depression taper off and i start feeling normal again i stop it and sometimes wont take it for several years. My depression is major and makes my life extremely difficult at times coupled with anxiety. So the Klonopins have been effective.

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Big_Bluefish in reply to jocko16

I was the same way for many years (barely needing Klonopin) but finding it helpful when I did. I know need to take it everyday because I feel anxious everyday.

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Klonopin is the medication I find most effective for my anxiety.

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FauxxTrot in reply to Big_Bluefish

I take Xanax but find it takes away almost all emotion including joy which isn't great. It sort of emotionally shuts me down, is Klonopin the same?

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Big_Bluefish in reply to FauxxTrot

I haven't really noticed that with Klonopin. After some success on Abilify ( a few months) I felt it was causing me to not be able to feel a range of emotions including joy. I am now on Rexulti and I fear the same thing, but the jury is still out.

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I started Paxil about 2 years ago 20 mg, now 40mg. I felt good with my anxious thoughts on it! Hope you get relief too

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