Falling off the mountain

30 years ago I had crippling anxiety. With therapy and Prozac, I slowly got my life back. I was recently feeling depressed, so I sought help. I was put on rexulti and buspirone. No effect. Then they doubled the rexulti and wham- those crippling feelings of anxiety started up again. Weaned off those drugs and started 10 mg of lexapro. No effect. Doubled and wham again. Crippling anxiety. I feel like I have been reset and lost thirty years of forward progress. I'm so lost...

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  • This must be very hard for you. I hope that you can get some relief somehow.

  • I'm so sorry you're feeling this way. After 30 years, the anxiety monster returns.....that's so sad. I have it too. Sometimes I think some of the antidepressants work in reverse on me. I know I can't tolerate Zoloft....it sent me into full panic mode when the doctor wanted to switch me to it. I've been on Effexor for years and about 10 months ago - wam! the anxiety hit. I am also on Klonopin, so the doctor prescribed Zyprexa (low dose) as a temporary remedy while I switch to Paxil. So far, so good as he weans me off Effexor onto Paxil, so I'm cautiously optimistic. I totally get your feelings of anxiety, trust me. Somedays are just horrid. And not to mention, totally exhausting. I wish you well trying to cope with this dreadful illness. Just know that you are not alone!

  • Was there a significant change in your life at the end of the 30 year period? I have a similar problem, but there was a major change. Also, love your name.

  • I am under a huge amount of stress. My wife had surgery, lost her father, and my son left for a semester in Europe all in a three week period. I know that has brought up a lot of feelings about losing my own parents as well a general sense of loss. It's all a natural course of events. I really have no more stress than the next person, I just seem not to be able to process it correctly. I am weak.

  • I know exactly how you feel. I had the same issues and got help with therapy, prozac and klonopin 28 years ago. The Prozac stopped working and changed to Effexor in 2001. It stopped working and I went into depression. I was taken off the Effexor and put back on Prozac & Wellbutrin was added the end of May. I couldn't tolerate the Panic attacks were horrible and stopped taking the Wellbutrin. The Prozac is not working and I feel myself sliding backwards and can't find a way to stop it. I feel like a failure

  • How much time did you give the meds? You may need more time... switching meds or dosages can often caused increased anxiety temporarily . My AD gave me horrible anxiety for several weeks then it finally went away. Good luck!

  • Thank you for the reply. I lasted about two weeks after doubling, then because I couldn't take the anxiety any more, I weaned down and stopped.

  • I'm so sorry. I was feeling good for about 20 years and wham! This time i'm not getting better. I feel your pain and will pray for you.

  • Almost every medicine I have tried has so many side effects. A lot of them being anxiety or exacerbation of metal illness. I got to the point I was reliant on meds just to get out of bed at all. Now I’ve been on them for a long time. One time I forgot to add my anti depressant Med to my daily pill case. During that week I lost my best friend but I was totally irrational hallucinating etc. way worse than I have ever been! It was scary!!! These meds practically all cause possible suicidal thoughts etc. It’s like people that get a flu shot and end up with the flu from it. I hate all of them! But have to do something. Now I have been on them so long my family thinks I am a totally different person. If you are going to take medicine it does take up to 8 weeks for it to truly kick in. Try to give it time. Make sure your meds which are a bandaid while your therapist helps you recognize triggers, develop coping skills and get to the root of the problem. I truly wish I had learned more to do that and never get on medications at all! I know they are needed for many people, including myself but they are awful. If I knew then what I knew now I would have looked up natural methods of coping like diet, exercise, therapy etc. My mom did and I feel like she has suffered in life more than me but you can’t tell. She will stay busy, take a walk, go see her grand babies etc. I on the other hand rarely leave my house at all and feel more psychotic than ever and I took the easy way and got reliant on meds. My mother in law has taken lexapro and Zoloft for years and now has complete psychosis to the point she needs assistance to perform everyday tasks like fixing a sandwich for example or even checking her stove to make sure it is off. Being on meds has made her so much worse. Ask about more natural remedies and use those with your meds. Also any meds you are on make sure you know that it takes just as long for them to get out of your system as it does to get them in. Frequent changes could possibly affect you as well. I hope you find your peace in life!

  • You are not weak! You are human. All of us are very caring loving people and it causes us to be more anxious or sad. Don’t put yourself down. My mom had a horrific surgery planned with possible death expected. Her heart was so bad. My husband fell off a roof and crushed his feet. My son graduated and left for school and my other son went to the army both of them several states away. The loss was unbearable and I ended up having to be admitted to a health and wellness center for 2 weeks with severe anxiety and depression. I think anxiety and depression although horrible and I wish it on no one, can say a lot about the kindness, love and caring of a person. I’d much rather be that way than someone who is mean and doesn’t care about anyone or anything! We care more. We are not weak and neither are you! Don’t sell yourself short!

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