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Anxiety and depression are taking over again.

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I'm new hear and don't really know what to say. I was doing incredibly well after therapy and having my daughter, then a week ago it's like everything just stopped working. I'm taking my medication daily but it's not helping. I'm having panic attacks again. I haven't left my house in days and I can't get through the day without harming myself to releave some stress. My daughters started suffering from hay-fever but it's not changed her usual self and that is the only change in my life. I've fell out with my partners bestfriend around the time these issues started happening but I doubt something as trivial as that could set off such a chain reaction in my mental health could it? Has anyone suffering from anxiety and depression who have been on the road to some form of normality had such a relapse like this too? I don't know where to turn or who to talk to.

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Relapses happen. A therapist I trust told me that's a sign to go back to the basics. Sleep, diet, exercise, relaxation techniques etc. Everything that got you where you were when you were feeling good.

I hope this helps you

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Truth is I don't really know what got me to my good phase, I guess it was music, cleaning, routines and alcohol avoidance as I was pregnant when recieving therapy. I have been drinking a lot lately I suppose.

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Heavy drinking is bad for mood disorders but I'm sure you knew that. Are you able to stop on your own? Do you have rescue meds like clonazepam? Have you talked to your Dr or therapist yet?

The good news is if you got there before you can get there again! Don't despair. You will come thru this with better coping skills because you have an opportunity to practice.

You mentioned having a fallout with your partners friend. That can be much more stressful than you think. I don't have any great advice for that but I wouldn't ignore it.

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I'm not addicted to alcohol I just drink more than I should especially on nights out with friends, then my mood becomes very low the next day. I'm on venaflaxine for my anxiety and depression but it just doesn't seem to be helping like it once was. I'm struggling with sleep and with a 6 month old I need all the sleep I can get 😂.

I can relate to feeling sluggish and depressed after a night of drinking. Its hard....we know we should be careful but also want to be social and have fun. Not that you need drinking to have fun...but yea.

Alcohol is a depressant. If you could choose other things to drink it would help. I love to go out snd have fun but I had to choose to do it without alcohol. I never drank a lot but enjoyed a pina colada when I went out. Now I stick to soda, tea and water yet I can have as much fun and still feel good the next day. Best of luck!

Hi MM17. Hard work & good effort got you to where you felt great & it was all done by U & relapses are all part of the retraining we do of our brains . Go back to the very start & you've taken step 1 again by reaching out here & it's up to U what U do or direction U choose. Also remember it's going to be an ongoing exercise where we wake up & do what ever we need to do every morning to get our daily lives off to the best possible start. Don't rush or think ur on top of things as it's then when a relapse kicks us in the butt. I've been learning & doing for over 17years now & I try to learn something new everyday.

I wish u great joy going forward in ur journey & remember every day give urself that bit of boost U deserve.

Hi, I just wanted to say welcome! Im sorry you are struggling at the moment. Sometimes changes with our depression/anxiety happen without a specific reason. It sounds like you have experience with seeking help so thats really great. Ive been through so many ups and downs. Dark depression for years and then overcome it then have severe anxiety attacks. Just wanted to offer my words, and let you know you are not alone.

I think that's the part I find most confusing is the why. Why am I having these struggles. Shouldn't I be over the moon happy constantly now I have a baby

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Having a new baby in itself can be exhausting. Talk to your doc about your increased depression and be honest about your drinking. They can’t help you if you aren’t open with them. I hesitantly say this, but it’s a possibility there might be some postpartum depression lurking around? Your docs might need to adjust your meds. By the way…Congratulations. ❤️

Congratulations!! When did you have your baby? I personally know people who had depression/ and or anxiety before pregnancy and after baby experience more severe symptoms. Any woman can be at risk for post pardum. Im sure what your feeling is pretty normal and you will soon get relief you need by talking to doctor. Baby needs check ups but so do you💖

Also side note: after I got engaged and starting planning my wedding I was so happy but then after a couple months I went through a bit of a breakdown. I got really depressed even though it was supposed to be such a happy time. But I promise with support & self care. it will get better!

Maiseymoo17. Welcome to the community and congratulations on the birth of your daughter. You're not alone. Many of us have experienced similar. My prayers are with you and the little one.

Talk to your doctor about post partum depression. It doesn’t mean you love your child any less. Hormones go nuts when you have a child.

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