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why am i always the bad guy?


Today, this morning, a few minutes ago really, my mother gave me my daily vitamins and today i chose not to take 1 of them (a purple focus tablet multi-vitamin for teens) i told her i dont want to take it and she went on a rant saying how i want everyone to be scared of me and i think iḿ too big for my shoes and all that she told me that i will take the pill wether i liked it or not i said no and she attempted to throw it down my throat but i ddint let her she then went on to saying how i should just pack my things and leave and she is tired of me and my manners. Honestly i hate the fact that i am always the bad guy and i can never do anything right and me refusing to take a simple thing like a multi vitamin turns into this huge fight is actually so frustrating and i feel like i am trapped in my own family they make me so crazy i wanna scream and tell them all just to shut the **** up and let me be. WHY AM I ALWAYS THE BAD GUY?

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How old are you ?

Are you at least 16?

Why are you taking / being given multi -vitamins ? They can do more harm than good.

Do you eat proper meals?

Do you eat a breakfast cereal (most of them are fortified with vitamins) .

Why take extra vitamins? Have you had a blood test and been found to have a deficiency?

Are these prescribed?

If you are being force-fed tablets then maybe you should report this to a Social Worker or contact a helpline or domestic abuse / child abuse charity (anonymously if you prefer).

You had my sympathy - until the foul language. It's not allowed on here and you could get yourself banned.

well sorry about the language i didnt know but no these are not prescribed by mom just went to buy them

You can edit your post & remove that sentence, then it will be fine.

How old are you?

For your mother to tell you to leave - you must be at least 16?

If not you could phone Childline anonymously for advice. Make sure you can't be overheard.

What's been happening can't go on.

Could you also phone your GP in confidence? Ask for some blood tests to check your levels of Vitamin D, Calcium, Vitamin B12, Folate and Ferritin. Find out if you have any deficiencies. Also ask for a Full Blood Count.

You must find a way to tell your mother (when things have calmed down) that you do not want to take the Vitamins.

Do you know why she is doing this?

Do you eat well? Are you average weight, fit and healthy?

Do you have any health problems / medical conditions?

Do you use drugs, alcohol or smoke? All these things can deplete nutrients. But then it's generally advisable to take a low dose Vitamin B Complex tablet and maybe Vitamin C. However many people need Vitamin D - but care and doctors advice is essential ; you need to know if your deficient.


About not knowing about the foul language , - please realise that it is not acceptable in general.

And it is certainly not permitted on here.

How old are you? Why is your mother behaving as though you are a child? If you eat properly you don’t need multi vitamins.

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How old are you ? for your Mother to decide and push vits down your throat.


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