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Do I have depression and if so what can I do about it?


Hi guys I have made massive progress in getting through my anxiety and I really would like to thank all of you for helping me through that I cooked to be prouder to be part of such a great community. However now from recent research I think I now have some form of depression. Everytime I try to do anything that isn’t laying in bed watching vector or occasionally writing and going out with the dogs I get this unbelievably horrible feeling all over my body like a I want to do is go back to bed to feel better or normal again? My whole body feels tight and stressed dizzy and spaced out as well as distortion in my vision and I just feel all together unwell. Even the idea of going my dream job brings great stress and horrible feelings absolutely no excitement no positive emotions no happiness just pain fear and stress I’m so confused because my therapist believes my big problem is ocd and I barely think I have it. How am I supposed to go to work and get on with my life when I feel this bad? Any advice on whether I have depression or not?

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Most the symptoms you describe are more aligned with an anxiety diagnosis. What symptoms of OCD does your therapist say you have? Seems like doing work to reduce your anxiety will make you feel better overall. You might want to go to bed to reduce your anxiety. Could dealing with your symptoms of anxiety be causing some depression? Good karma your way friend.

Meyer_Gdmnx in reply to NWGal

Thank you very very much for your reply example of the great community we have!😌 it is contamination stuff like worrying not cleaning things properly will giver me food poisoning eating a certain way to avoid hand to food contamination but those I feel are just habits and don’t cause me great stress. Thank you for your advice it was very very insightful ❤️ And good karma to you as well I wish you all the luck in the world

With the cleaning and food contamination , unless it to an extreme it’s not the behavior that the issue. Its how you would feel if these things weren’t done. Would you experience a lot of anxiety and not be able to let it go if something wasn’t cleaned to the extent you think it should be.

Physical in a human brain depression is the other side of the anxiety coin and vice versa. In many cases when a person has one there are symptoms of the other either in their future or past. It can also be at the same time and masked by the more prevalent symptoms. There are never highs without lows. Chemicals in the brain that are not stabilized tend to work like a pendulum.

Sending you strength and peace


Thank you fir reply Doaty it was very helpful as well I tend to not go out at all due to how I feel could this ultimately be exacerbating the problem? How would you combat it?

I do gentle exercises daily and my new blue light just came in.

One of the symptoms is definitely hiding inside. I picked a day I could stay in. Some weeks I have two days. I’m cemented to my sofa. I know I can’t do this other days because of this. I tell myself I have the best of both worlds.

I like to think positive and I know we’re normal. I refuse to be hard on us. We’re honest.

I treat myself to a donut when I go out too. 😁

Thank you again sorry the lateness of my reply but I think that’s a wonderful idea I certainly will try that ❤️

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