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I'm crying in an Airport


Im self medicating by living life to the fullest lately. Traveling all over California, Vegas, Boston, New Hampshire, parties, smiles and unbelievably great times. I'm doing it all and its been an insane last few months.

Right before all of this, I felt the steel to my head. I do all of this while fighting my anxiety and depression. Every. Dam. Day. It's so incredibly terrifying, Every. Dam. Day. I know I need to do it though... I need to face all of this head on. I know I just need to keep pushing. It's so fucking hard doing it alone.

Now here I sit, on an airport bench. Sunglasses on to hide my tears, telling myself I need to keep pushing.

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*Hugs* I'm glad your living life...Keep going. You're doing it.

Sad_Sausan in reply to NadiaB

Thank you ❤. Really does mean a lot.

You're amazing Sad Sausan...I'm so proud of you. It takes a lot

of strength in doing what you are. Believe in yourself that you've

got this :) xx

Sad_Sausan in reply to Agora1

The support is warming, thank you. 😁❤

I need to do this!!! Im happy your conquering your fears. Through you I can be optimistic that I'll get to do the same. I hope to be just as adventurous and live life as you.


I can give you my Instagram (if that's allowed) and you can follow my journey on there. I'm trying to show people that this stuff is a real struggle but if I can push through it then I want to help others do it too. 😁.

Also driving down the streets back in California really brought me right back up.

Thank you:) I think that would be awesome.

@anxiety_addicts is my Instagram. You're welcome and seriously thank you for the support. It feels happy.

Alrighty!! Currently following you! I wish you the best on this journey and cant wait to see what's to come next!!


hi mate..you reminded me that once it happen to me aswell at the airport waiting for my departure in another country..i remember i couldnt hold back and just teared up infront of everyone..i didnt care, even though im male..it was an awful feeling..but that aside, yeah you gotta keep pushing..its worth it...nice to meet you..

Sad_Sausan in reply to ellinaki

It truly is an awful feeling. It's also suspiciously freeing in a way that sort of humanizes the whole experience. I'm not ashamed to say that It's not rare anymore for cry and tear up. I'm doin my best to be more human honestly, as weird as that sounds.

ellinaki in reply to Sad_Sausan

not weird at all..its the best gift you can give yourself, from you...its the best, keep going..thanks for sharing

Sad_Sausan in reply to ellinaki

Also nice to meet you too!! Thank you for helping me feel like I'm not alone in this.

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