racing thoughts and crying

This morning I was cleaning out my barn and was starting to cry alittle for no reason, after I was done with that, I went to the bathroom and was crying abit and my thoughts kept racing in my head, after awhile I was calm and relaxed in my room., I kept on thinking in my mind by saying " Are these thoughts useful right now" ?, I saw a youtube video about it and was trying to keep saying it out loud and in my head. I wasn't sure if it was working, I was doing this while I was crying for a couple of minutes. I need some advice or somebody professionally that can give me an answer or advice. I would very much appreciate it.

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  • It's totally okay to cry. It's a cleansing of the emotions.

  • I take medication for anxiety and depression, I have been on many different antidepressants and anxiety pills, I'm 29 now, so I just started taking Bupropion for when I wake up in the morning, I thinks its been 4days since I been on it, it might have been a reaction or side affect while I'm on other antidepressants and an anxiety pill.

  • Sure it could be the bupropion but perhaps what happened in the barn is you experienced physical work leading naturally into some emotional releasing. Percy said it - a cleansing. You may not know why you were crying, but your body may have needed to get that all out.

  • yeah you might be right about it.

  • Hi sorry there are no professionals on this site only fellow sufferers. For a proper answer you need to ask your medical professional.

    As has been said though crying is natural and we all do it sometimes.

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