Crying and can't stop

I am fairly new here. I wrote one post so far. I am having a problem at work and I just can't stop crying about it. I have been working there for about 18 1/2 years. I started out part time, but 7 years ago they hired me to go full time and be the office manager. For some reason unexplained to me, when it was time to start my new position they decided to dissolve that position and make us all coworkers with a supervisor at the home ocfice--not where we worked. I had a hard time dealing with this but in time was able to accept it. Now, they surprisingly promoted a girl who has only been there for not quite a year to be "in charge" of the rest of us. (again just no prior indication of what they were doing) This is a girl who does't know all the ways of the office,, whom I have helped every day with her repeated questions on how to do things , etc. I feel like I 've been screwed over for a second time. She is telling us to do things that we already do and know and expects us to hop up and do what she says. I am finding it hard to keep my composure and just keep on crying, trying to hide it from everyone at work. But I am so hurt that I just can't stop. I thought of quiting, but I need the money and insurance. Can anyone help me to feel better about the situation? I thought about talking to my superiors, but am afraid I'd just start crying and make a fool of myself.

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  • I think its about your pocket and keep it about that if you do that you will be happy. Your value is not dependent on a position. Do what she says and don't let it bother you. You been there so long and i would stay there. There is drama everywhere you go to work.

  • But it is so hard when you hurt so badly.

  • You really need to speak to someone at work. Is there a human resources person or a colleague you can speak to? Or if you really don't think you can do that without getting upset you could make notes to take in with you so you can keep focus and not get too emotional.

  • Great idea write about it. Leave it up to God to take care of all your problems. Look i am unemployed(with anxiety)& you don't want that. Try to look at the positive in everything( its hard).

  • If you feel passed over, it may be time to look for a new job. With your experience and skills, many employers will want you to run their office.

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