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Homesick and extremely depressed

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Hi, just moved cross country to a new place for a job 5 months ago. I left my family behind and getting extremely homesick, unsecured and depressed. I’m having panic attacks and don’t know what to do. I just keep having negative thoughts. Am I alone with this issue? Can someone help me? Thanks

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Have you never been away from home before ? Can you contact your family by phone and tell them how you are feeling ?

It's important that you eat properly and try to find some place where you can try to evaluate your situation breathe and try to get thru the day

What is most scary for you ? I am thinking of you I would like to help you

Thanks for reaching out!!! I do contact my family almost everyday, but when I fell the most vulnerable is in the mornings and at night with many negative thoughts. My strongest fears are that I will not cut it at my new job even though my new boss is telling me that I am doing great. Since I started at this new job 4 months ago, I’ve not been given to many responsibility due to I’m new and my boss wants me to take it easy. The problem for me is that I am used to doing a lot of work so my day passes quickly, so most of the day I’m stressed out.

I’m also afraid that my wife and kids will get homesick like me even though they tell me that once we are together we’ll be all fine.

See the programme Stephen Fry made it is brilliant , omega 3 is extremely important at keeping mania at bay because it turns into serotonin in the brain

5htp can prevent mania but you can't just take it with your meds and your doctor won't want you to take it but my husband has bipolar and got our GP to stop his meds so I have to treat him with 5htp which fortunately I can buy in Boots

Mania is when dopamine builds up and serotonin is what brings you back to normal

You can live with BPD you just need to learn about it and yourself

Thank you very much for the support, I’m currently looking into all the information that you gave me, thanks again!!!

You should buy some 5htp to feel better - 100mg morning and evening should be OK unless you are on mediation for your bipolar in which case just stick to your meds and don't self medicate with 5htp

Hope you are feeling a bit better

Thank you very! You can’t imagine how grateful I am for your advice. Thanks again!

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