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Anxious and depressed


I am having a lot of anxiety and depression. Is there a way I can talk to someone who is suffering like me

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Is there a way to be able to talk to

Lets_heal in reply to Lululucy

If you have insurance you can speak with someone on the phone. If not seek out a spiritual partner, or minister. I suggest a journal of your thoughts and feelings, deep breathing with stretching exercises several times a day. Find one thing to be grateful for and say it out loud.

It's a journey but you will get to the other side, if you stick to a routine.

Lululucy in reply to Lets_heal

I do have insurance. Thank you for responding. I really appreciate your input. Do you know the number to call

Lululucy in reply to Lets_heal

I have insurance so how do I talk to someone on the phone

Shiner19 in reply to Lululucy

I'm here😊

I can relate to you. I was listening to a podcast and what I got from it was is when your stuck in depression is to do something you always wanted to do or what a friend/someone said to you never do. And make a list of things you always wanted to do and do it. For anxiety what helps me is quickly picking up something and what does it feel like cold/ hot? Is it soft/rough? Like a cup or a pen? Whatever is in front of you . It brings me back to the present things things..... Another technique is doing the 5-4-3-2-1 for anxiety . (5)Look and name 5 things you see , (4) What 4 things can you touch and do i. (3) what 3 things can you hear (2) What 2 things can you smell (1) What 1 thing do you taste... Hope this helps

I never heard of the 5,4,3,2,1 approach but thank you for sharing.

c-mac in reply to Lets_heal

Make sure the 1 thing you taste isn't always dessert ;-)

I’ll try. Really appreciate your responding

If you want you can message me

You can talk to me ❤️

I would like to talk with you. How do we do this

I can PM you

My som and I both suffer from anxiety and depression. Would love to chat. Always helps to talk.

Lululucy in reply to Mbroker27

Let’s talk

I also suffer from anxiety & depression .Always here to talk ❤️

Lululucy in reply to chelseak_

Would like to share. Can we speak on phone

Click on my icon and see my profile for some things that help me.

Writing whatever comes to mind in a journal (whatever comes to mind!) really helps, too. I used to do 45 minutes of writing while I was still in bed in the morning. It helped settle me down and helped me to make a plan based on what I figured out while writing.

And talk therapy or group therapy are great for talking out what you're feeling. You could combine the benefits of writing it down with the benefits of group therapy -- by telling us more about what's bothering you here! We welcome it. It makes us all stronger to read the stories of these problems and the way they manifest in different people.

Lululucy in reply to c-mac

Really would like to talk therapy. How do I do this

c-mac in reply to Lululucy

If you're in the UK the NHS can set you up. If in the US, your health insurance probably has "telehealth" where you can do mental health therapy online.

Hi. you can talk to me. i have same problem as you , longe time . text me. i need to talk too.

Lululucy in reply to Yp66

Hi. I think we can help eachother

I am Yaser . i am from Iran. and i will be 35 at this September. i had lots of problems like stronge flashbacks at midnight, night mare, stress, anxiety, relationship problems with opposite sex and others . i had the problems for about 20 years of my childhood and youth. but now i overcome 90 percents. but still need some helps and i want to help others.

i hope i help

Propel123 in reply to Yp66

Hi Yaser. I will be the same age as you I’m September. And I suffer the same way you did. How did you overcome it?

I’m here with you message me

Lululucy thank you for sharing. yes there are many of us that have anxiety and depression too. these are trying times we live in, it doesn't help. I suggest that you journal everything you do in your day from time you wake up to the time you turn the light out at night.

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