Extremely depressed n need help

Hey everyone I came here looking for help, just really depressed and have anxiety bad to the point I do nothing not even leave my house or drive my car, my family has their own problems and they can't help me besides giving me a place to stay which makes me feel worse being here I'm feeling like I need to go to the mental hospital but I have no money or medical and I'm not suicidal, however I'm going insane

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  • Hi!

    Well,you have come to the right place we are here to support each other and right now you need help so, we gonna do the best we can to make you feel better.

    Let me start by saying i know how you are feeling because i am also suffering from the same illness but you know what? Im gonna pray for you to the “Lord” I’m going to ask him to please look at your suffering and all the horrible days that you’ve been having up until today,im gonna pray so you don’t feel the way you feel now, im gonna ask the Lord” to take away your anxiety and depression so you can feel better ok?

    Please try to relax, i know it is hard..but you can do it, i know you can do it.be strong please, there is hope ahead.


  • Hi there ...I understand what you are going through and its ok...it's ok that you can't go out or do nothing because it lead you here for a start and that's something then you will be lead to somewhere else and so on...stay home..don't get the car..get on here...vent out, ask for help , read the replies..Post to someone else..that's doing something..now family and everyone else do help to a point but deep down you can only help yourself at the end of the day and you will see it happening to you..you have already helped me and so many others on here..you are doing so much already...I think your wonderful for posting..it's your inner self telling you do something else rather than going round and round..glad you have a place to stay at I'd rather be home than a medical place...you are not suicidal which is great...you are going through a rough time..Do you know why this is happening?..if so tell us..why can't you get out of the house..has someone tied you up?..why can't you drive your car?..Do you have a flat tyre?..it's awful I know but be kind to yourself..it will take time..but you will be so much happier when you come around it ..you see..it will be a relief and an accomplishment..you are strong..

  • I had anxiety and depression all my life but now it's gotten worse as I got older, now I started having panic attacks with it, the first one happened 6 years ago when I first moved to Tennessee, it was during a heat wave, I was never really a summer person because I can't deal with the heat and sun, I was feeling sick and had stomach problems after that for a year, the second time was also during a heat wave, I was driving home and had the biggest panic attack, I was thinking about how hot it was at work, I Did have ac on in my car and still happened, after that I had panic attacks and hyperventilating for a weeks ended up in the er 5 times because I thought I was dying and felt I was gonna pass out, also the stomach problems started up again, since all this happened I change my diet and starting learning how to do breathing exercises over time that has helped but the fear of going out hasn't stopped and that's why I'm Still home, I haven't had any help for that yet, I feel like all the issues in my life caused me PTSD general anxiety and severe depression, the things to told y'all about is just the tip of the iceberg sadly

  • Is it the weather that had caused the panic attacks..Can you not move away to another state to a much cooler city..what are the other issues in your life that have caused severe depression..

  • I've always been a depressed person ,I guess it started as child, I was bullied and picked on for being bigger than the other children, I've had a lot of rejection from people over the years and the fact I was different I never fit in or wanted to do what others were doing, I struggled in-school with subjects and started to feel I was just stupid and ugly, I never enjoyed any of my life even at home we were poor and struggling, I knew i was born in a depressed family which didn't help but at least I had them to love me even tho everything else in are life was wrong, the weather thing was always a problem even as child I never could deal with the summer, I was the kid who wouldn't go out on the hot days because it always made me to anxious and panicky, I can't move because I have nobody else except my family and we still are broke, I depend on them

  • Thank you guys for listening to my story

  • Hej sarablueeyez youre not alone,i have exactly same situation,everything you sayed its true illness and i have it,personally i moved from a hot to a cold country a coup of years ago... It helped a little in the begining but is not that the problem, it's all in our heads...when i eat the medicine i can stay all day in 40 degree and just dont care... So.. Have you tried some medication? Personally I havw had problems with my family becouse no one believe ne that this is a real illness.. They say just dont stress and you're allright..(to stupid) anyways feel free to contact me anytime you need to talk... Stay well.. And never give up...

  • What helps me a lot is going to a self-help group. Maybe there is one in your area...

  • I haven't wanted pills because I was scared of the side affects, I thought maybe some spiritual healing

  • Yes definately..I agree with you..no matter how many times I've been told to take meds I've refused..pls stay away..don't ever think you need them..I feel you are such a beautiful soul..you are don't you think?..your beautiful,smart, loving, respectful, strong..spiritual healing worked for me and does now and forever..See you have faith and hope..I only just met you and I can sense so much beauty in you..those qualities don't make you take meds..you will shine!..I have so much faith in you..

  • I very much believe in spiritual healing! I love doing yoga, reiki, and crystal healing. I also take Bach Flower remedies regularly to manage my anxiety :)

  • Thank so much I try to be a good person but sometimes I feel I'm just very sensitive for this world and my fears and loneliness gets to me the most, I had loved deeply once it was the best days of my life, I felt like I was even almost normal, whatever I couldn't handle he was by my Side, he made me feel stronger and happier as a person but that all changed two years ago when he lost his visa and is stuck in another country, I was heartbroken and devastated, after that the dark times returned with vengeance from hell, I believed in spiritual healing because of him and my experiences through this life, I know that love can do many things including heal some of your pain or cause you pain,which leaves me to believe that our spiritual energy needs to be cleansed whenever darkness enters

  • You are sensitive so you will get stronger..love is beautiful isn't it..it's amazing what it can do to you..your so sweet..you don't know how strong you are..you are learning, experiencing, fighting, cleansing, healing and lots more with the way your feeling so it's not that bad is it?..it's painful I know but no pain no gain..your not that lonely now on here..hows your day been?..I'm in Melbourne Australia..it's evening here now..

  • I keep fighting everyday but sometimes it gets to me really bad some days and other days I just try and stay mellow if my mood allows it ,I call it my goods days and my bad days, also I had my heart broken before I've been sick with many problems but these last few ones really took so much from me yet I keep hope cause it's all I have right now and Im in Tennessee USA

  • I'm like that too..sometimes good sometimes bad..but I'm learning to deal with it slowly..I acknowledge it's my so called illness which has caused my issues and not I intentionally causing them..So now I say to my self, depression, anxiety, fine, stay with me if you don't want to go away, but I've got a bigger life which needs attention and care and love and healing for the better..so if you want to hang around be my guest but I'm just going to ignore you as much as I can...do I make sense?..I've been heart broken..who hasn't but you know what..I've found the so called love if my life..that person lives in Europe...we have been together for 4 years..I never imagined I would have had a long distant lover..I met this person when I was overseas and only spent 1month physically together.. and since then our love is mutual..we Skype, sms etc..love comes when you least expect it..trust me on this one..

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