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Why are mornings so much worse.

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Hi everyone,

Does anyone else find that anxiety is much worse in the mornings? I can go to bed feeling pretty good but when I wake up in the morning, I am already in panic mode. I wake up and immediately feel like I am going crazy and feel very confused. I have to really think of what day it is, what time it is, and then the anxiety really takes hold of me. I am numb and tingly, and have thoughts of suicide being my only way out of this mess. I can usually calm down enough to begin to think rationally. The fear is so scary and it makes me afraid to go to bed at night because I know what will happen in the morning. I am on Lexapro, Remeron and Klonopin. Any support would be greatly appreciated.

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Oh yes..... I know exactly what you mean.

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I am sitting here trying to talk myself in getting ready for work and wondering how in the world I am going to face another day of this torment. I am still working because honestly it is harder to sit at home and worry all day. I have been like this for almost 4 years. I used to be so happy and loved life, now I just survive. I would not wish this on anyone. Thanks for the reply, it does help to know I am not alone.

I agree, I have made my mornings a bit more relaxing buy waking up and hour or so earlier than usual and steaming up my bathroom, relaxing in there with the steam as I read up on news and get my day started. I wash away my morning anxiety with the steam, I hope this helps we are all here for you friend!

Thank you. I just really wish I could get past the fear of going insane.

You arent going to go insane, just sit by the shower, listen to it, it will ground you and make you realize you are going to be fine and that you are safe

Thank you.

I feel ya

Hi CQ. In all of my research (and I've done a ton of it) I have never seen anything indicating that anxiety can drive a person literally insane. In fact I've read the opposite many times. I do understand the concern, though. I worried about it quite a bit a year ago when my symptoms were at their worst.

I know this feeling very well. For me it hits right before my alarm rings, fast heartbeat and tingly arms and hands and hot flashes. and then I get anxiety because I know my alarm is about to ring lol. Never ending cycle really. I think the body goes into panic mode because I am going to have to face another day, more people etc. You are definitely not alone, hoping we find a solution soon. Sending strength and positive vibes your way. x

I feel similarly in the mornings. I also take Klonopin, in the morning and evening. I don't know when you take it but maybe taking it in the morning right when you wake up will help?

I take mine when i wake up

I go through the same thing, and it leaves me so exhausted most of the day . I was thinking maybe taking meds before I go to sleep may help .. I also try and wake up and do some deep breathing to try and relax some .

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Me too, leaves me tired, try and avoid taking one at all costs, cause leaves me exhausted...

I feel the same way. It's really hard in the mornings. My anxiety is at its worst. Just worrying about the day. I don't know why.

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cortisolqueen: The same thing has been happening to me for 2 years. But unlike you I don't feel good at night either. I have stopped reading at night, one of my favourite pastimes because I cant concentrate anymore. With me its a med problem and it does not sound like yours are working very well either. I can wake up at night , say 3am and not feel too bad. My doctor wants to try me on remeron, but after reading about it..I don't know. If I wake up anytime from 5am on the panic sets in. I was on a drug, I cant remember what it was called about 3 years ago. I was only taking a 1/4 of a pill every morning along with my nighttime meds and for the first 8 days it helped. I started eating lunch again, something I have not done in years. Then one morning I woke up about 5am feeling extremely depressed and panicky. I was going to call an ambulance, but I was just so tired so I fell back to sleep thinking HOSPITAL when I next woke up. But then an amazing thing happened. Not only did I feel better when I woke at 7:30, I felt NORMAL!!! It had been so long since I felt this way that I cried tears of joy while I was drinking my tea. There was no anxiety and no depression at all!! But it didn't last. The next 5 days were awful. I lost my appetite completely . All I consumed for the next 5 days was 2 pieces of toast and a bottle of ensure. I felt like I had eaten a huge xmas dinner. Finally I threw in the towel and stopped taking it. My appetite returned the very next day. I cried again. This time out of anger and depression. That one day was like winning a lottery and then being told my numbers were wrong. One of the possible side effects was anorexia. The drug was an ssri a group of drugs that has never agreed with me....robertcass

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So sorry to hear you are suffering. Anxiety and depression are truly the worst thing I have ever experienced. No one could possible understand how debilitating it is if they have never experienced it. I was perfectly fine and very happy until my first panic attack almost 4 years ago. I have never been the same since. I do have some good days here and there, which I am so thankful for, but the bad days far out weigh the good ones. Thanks for sharing your story. Hopefully we can all recover one day.

Mornings are worst for many people with MH problems. I feel awful as soon as I’m conscious but try to get up and out with my dogs, or work on a work day. I think any physical movement can be helpful, particularly if it’s outside the home.Sorry for this slow reply but I’ve only just found/joined this group.

Yeah, I wake up in a panic too even though I don’t work. It gets better once I’m more awake though. Maybe you can get an alarm that plays your favorite song when you wake up. That could help.

It s cortisol high in the morning hope i dont run out of meds too much snoe to drive

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Agora1 in reply to Lessthanone

You do understand the triggers of anxiety I see. What makes you

fear it so much? Being alone? Not trusting your judgment? Afraid of the "what ifs"

Just wondering. The more I see you on the forum, the more I realize you are a highly

intelligent woman who seems to be trapped because of what your husband did to you.

Sometimes, we need that boulder in the road to prove to our self and others that we can

make it without someone to lean on. You are truly a strong woman. Believe in that :) xx

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Lessthanone in reply to Agora1

Thank u

Love to you💣💣🖤🖤💋

Tell me more about you please

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