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Why is life so complicated


This past three days have been really rough. I wake up every morning pretending to go to work. I haven't told my parents that I don't have a job. Then my grandma has been sick. They send her home from the hospital. They said there was nothing they could do anymore to make her feel better. I had a job interview yesterday and I didn't go. I feel so bummed out right now. I truly miss my old job. I had the security and good cash. I don't feel confident to start something else. I have two interviews tomorrow. Let's see if I wake up in a better mood. All I think is about not having a job, my grandma, my debt... I feel more alone than ever. Life is so complicated. If I was a different person I wouldn't be in this situation. And I would have my old job. I'm slowly losing faith. I just feel that all of this is because I did something wrong and I got punished. I hope this streak of bad luck goes away. I don't think I cant handle this anymore.

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I remember doing this once when I left one job after just 1 day. I went out every day as though to go to work but on the Friday work phoned and I got found out. It didn't half cause a rumpus with my mother who went mad. I was only 15 but was working full time.

I hope you manage to get a job before they find out. x

sometimes when one door closes, another opens and it's a better path, but until you stop looking at the closed door, and take the chance and walk through the open one, you will never know that you may walk into something even better than you expected.

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Thank you for telling me that. I appreciated

I have been their pretending to go work Being comsuded with not having a job, how am i going to pay bills. Depression will keep you from going to work if you let it. And me i have.

What happened with your old job? I'm sorry your struggling. Better days are ahead. Don't give up. I'm struggling to find a job too so i relate. Except my first/old job was too much for my anxiety even with medications. I have a job interview later today with the owner which is the second and i pray i can get this. I haven't been this close since losing my first job. I hope i can encourage you to never give up. Keep applying, and just be hopefull. Please your day will come!☺💜

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My old job I had to quit because I started having problems with a coworker didn't really understand my situation. And the store director made it seem that I was some sort of mentally derailed person that was going from store to store having mental breakdowns. It was so much the stress they were putting me in that I had to.leave. I started being watched and my other cowokers were making fun of me.

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WHAT?!?!?!?!? Oh heck no!👎😡

I hope I'm not overstepping here, but you should have reported each and everyone of them. I would've reported all of them and filed a case with the american disabilities act or something like that. I can't believe some people. That is so cruel. I hate that and it makes me mad you were mistreated and bullied so badly. So unexceptional. I am so sorry you had to go through that!!!!!😡😕😟 ugh people can be so cruel. I hate that. The nerve of some people who judge us. Mental illnesses are very real medical conditions and those are conditions we suffer with. I bet you are stronger than all of them. Don't even let it bother you they are insecure and probably have problems of their own cuz nobody is perfect. What comes around goes around. It's wrong for them to think it's okay to make you feel like that and mistreat you. Sorry this is so long, i just do care. That what you said is discrimination.

I hope you move forward and find a job you will come to love and enjoy. I will be praying for you😊❤


I'm trying to move forward. It's been a hard process for me. Thank you for your kind words. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that everything turns out great for me.

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