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feeling down


Hi I'm full of anxiety and I'm feeling down. I wish I could change my meds quicker. My dr has been out on maternity leave and we have been comunicating over the phone. I don't know if she could prescribe me a new med that way. I have tried prob 6 or 7 different antidepressants. so she is getting limited on what she can give me. I need to be on something for this depression. I can't do anything anymore. I have no interest in doing the things I used to like. I hate feeling like this. everyone is going about their business running their lives and I feel frozen in time just watching it all.

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What have you tried so far for meds?

zoloft, wellbutrin, prozac. cymbyax,gabapentin, I can't remember the names of the other ones. I have them written down somewhere. I'm thinking they just haven't found the right mix. I also take a mood stabilizer.

I’ve been on gabapentin Wellbutrin cimbalta Zoloft lirica and more also

Its awful to try all these meds and nothing seems to work

Not sure what a mood stabilizer is

I take lamictal. It keeps me fromgetting too down. keeps my moods level

I see. I’m hoping that it helps

I feel like I'm on the edge all the time so I really want to find something else to go with it.


I had the same problem. Antidepressant after antidepressant, I was on at least 6 (at different times of course)

then my doctor told me if you have bipolar, then antidepressants are just going to make it worse

I’m now on a mood stabilizer. It isn’t working as fast as I want it to, BUT I have no horrible side effects and I can function 10000000xs better.

Are you seeing a physc? Or just a doctor?

Psychiatrist specialize in mental illnesses and usually know the best route to take as far as medication.

Do not give up! I know KNOW KNOW how hard it is when you have tried EVERYTHING. there are millions of us with “treatment resistant” depression. Stay strong! ❤️

purl1 in reply to dbeck128

I see a psychiatrist. I am also on a mood stabilizer and that works really well for me but i think I need something else to go with it. I just have no interest in anything. I also take risperidone which anti psychotic. It makes me very restless and zombie like. I slowly coming down off of that one and I want to put something else in its place.

I feel very much the same, I hope it turns around for us..good luck to both of us..

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