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Starting therapy

Kevin160 going to start therapy later this month , although its expensive and no one supports me or even listens to know if i need therapy eventhough i tried telling my family and for all the crap i went through they think im too young for it , im gonna have to pay for it myself i guess, i know an amazing therapist that helped many people i knew with severe depression and other disorders, but it cant be until later this month , atleast after the 15th , i was too scared to go for it, but i need a professional to help me , because i cant figure this out alone , after my father’s alcohol addiction and moms cancer diagnosis,which took the life of my grandma, and her heart attack and hypertension, my parent’s divorce, all the fights and violence between them and my siblings , terrible lack of appetite, headaches and nausea for as long as i remember &severe health anxiety and severe fear and stress and so i can go on ..much more huge problems before i even hit 17 , on top of that i dont have support so i need this, im going to start even if non regular sessions, im going to carry a plan, im going to start taking daily walks, meditation, breathing exercises, and with the support i got here (big thanks to everyone ofcourse) and therapy i believe i will feel better in no time.

Im done being superstitious over everything , im done worrying about my health over the slightest when i can get better , i always wanted to start therapy because i was never able to deal with my stress in the simplest of situations, between meeting people, doctors for a simple cold, a trip, anything it seems ;/

Atleast this is a step forward i guess, i just need to try my best to feel better these 2 weeks before i start therapy

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Way to go Kevin! This sounds like a big step in the right direction. You control the path that will lead you to alleviating your symptoms, and the fact that you are moving forward and being proactive in finding the tools you need to find peace should benefit you greatly. Be diligent, persevere, and you will find relief. You can do this! Be well.

Thank you so much, you are right , i will try my best to accept my symptoms and anxiety for the time being and that im fine, then in a couple weeks ill start


Good for you. Now you have explained why you have anxiety with all that family stuff. Yes, you are way too young for this and I hate to tell you but life gets a lot harder and way more to go through and worry about later. Get a hold of it now.

Kevin160 in reply to Hidden

Yes exactly, i know it gets harder but i just want to be able to handle stress more, and i need someone who is experienced in this field to help me along this process, you know so its easier to overcome , right now for me im dealing with severe physical symptoms along with the anxiety and fear itself, its gotten better a bit but it still bothers me and i cant always seem to calm it down, and i tend to overthink worst case scenarios that likely never happen and sometimes i actually believe they will happen , my brain takes over and even when i dont have stress i just always feel on edge and im never relaxed because i feel something bad will happen or i worry about future panic attacks and stress, whenever i hear a story about something for example like someone dying i freak out because what if something like that happens to me , so im always worried over anything, recently its gotten worse than before so i believe this is a good step forward and i hope it works, ofcourse i dont know much about therapy but i just hope it goes well, because what if it doesnt work or what if im diagnosed wrong , ofcourse here i am overthinking but i cant ignore the fact that there is always a possibility for something to not work or go wrong, we will see though , however thank you for the advice ;)

I've suffered from anxiety for 30 plus years, but have come to accept it and understand how it manifests itself, and that acceptance and understanding has given me the tools to lead a generally happy and productive life in spite of anxiety, and I'm sure you can do the same. Anxiety does not control my life, and it doesn't have to control yours either.

Im a bit new to this, and i didnt know it had a label when i was soo young , i always felt stressed over anything, especially health wise i guess its due to my moms health status even my father too, i would always hear stories from news or people and i would overthink things negatively, im still worried eventhugh i know what this is but it feels a bit better to know that im ok , i know there is a solution i just feared i cant find it, then i would have a low quality of life or just get worse, i guess whenever i feel terrible and at the lowest point of my anxiety its hard to think positively because you feel like there is no hope

You look very experienced , thank you for your support, ofcourse this all helps me feel better and less worried about what might happen, ;)

Experienced? Old would be more accurate Kevin. You are young and have your whole life ahead of you, the best years of your life are yet to come -believe this!!!! Keep at it, have a plan, getting an handle on the anxiety, and you will achieve things in life that perhaps may SEEM unattainable at this moment. But when you get a handle on the anxiety you will discover a whole new person that is far more capable than you presently believe yourself to be.

Well , i didnt want to say old thats a bit rude 😂, but yes im aware of all of this, that i have alot ahead , but i just domt picture it with how im doing now, but i do understand that its very possible and it will happen i guess i need to be patient , but this really motivated me so thank you i appreciate it

That's great Kevin. You've taken a big first step to healing. I just had my first ever therapy session and it was very positive. Like you, it's going to be hard financially but I have to do it if I want a chance at healing and finding my happy again. Also like you, I have zero family support which is why I joined this group. I have some good friends that are supportive but they've never had any experience with depression so they don't really understand. But thanks to this group I've made a couple of very good friends who are very supportive and always there for me. You have all the understanding and support you need here.

I wish the best for you and I really hope the therapist helps you.

Kevin160 in reply to Lolly56

Yes same for me, im a bit worried about starting but i know its for the best, you are too kind 😊❤️


I love therapy

Let us know if you need any help figuring out the financial piece- ie Do you have a job right now? will your parent's insurance to cover it? People here know how to coach u through submiting claims if you have to do that, how to negotiate a single case agreement with the therapist (so insurance covers more of it).... will you be doing all this? You can do it. We’re here to help. I advise staying in therapy for A WHILE. You might have heard , "12 weeks of CBT and you’re cured". NO I disagree. That was a trend for awhile but studies are showing that 12 weeks is Not enough. Therapy = PERSONAL GROWTH. SO happy for you!! GREAT WORK KEVIN!!!

Kevin160 in reply to Calm_mama

Well, im still not sure if i will go regularly but going at all will be good for me , i found a way to cover it so its not going to be a problem , its not covered by insurance but it going to see how it goes first ;) ..because i only have a problem with controlling stress and i never feel relaxed.

Been there, have suffered with anxiety for 40 years. Finally got help years ago. Went to a place that had psychologists and psychiatrists. They worked together with medicine and therapy. Helped tremendously, was able to continue working. I'm now 62 and retired. I live alone which isn't the best but I have no family around. I have some good friends I can talk to. Things have regressed for me. I'm nervous an frankly scared to do things. My inner confidence has never been good and right now it's bad. i don't feel good physically which makes me anxious and visa versa. I start a program tomorrow where I meet with a therapist in a small group setting, then meet individually with a psychiatrist to talk about additional medication. I hope you have something similar, it's important in my experience to do both at the same time, medication and therapy. Hope you can find something like this, it helps.

Kevin160 in reply to kateba

Yes i hope so too, because i have been suffering from anxiety but it would come and go ..but then i started having constant anxiety from the moment i wake up to the moment i go to sleep everyday since late december , i got a few problems in a row, i was helping my sister who was in a crisis, my mom had another cancer scare, and i had school pressure and final exams, my brother came out of the blue who i dont have a great relationship with and fight all the time because of out history with taking sides when my parents got divorced, this all happened in a week and i guess i lost my ability to handle stress but to be honest i was never good at handling stress, so i need a proffesional to help because i know i can overcome this but its hard to do it on my own because its getting better but im not feeling like its possible to get better without any support because my family are not supportive at all. I just need to find a solution because i never experienced comstant anxiety like this where i feel my pulse in my throat and i feel sick and very stressed every second of every day , even when im not thinking about stress its just there , i feel my heart drop may times during the day ..

Hi Kevin. I haven’t been on this site in a while but your story touched me as I have a 17-year-old daughter who suffers with anxiety and I have it as well. I also have a 19 year old son who is disabled from a sleep disorder. We are all both doing well, but that was not always the case.

You are dealing with a lot. It’s too much for anybody to try to deal with alone. I’m so glad you are giving therapy a try. Please don’t worry about the different diagnoses your therapist or doctor might come up with as they try to figure out the puzzle of what makes you who you are. A diagnosis does not define who you are and may change as you progress through your journey of healing. It also helps medical professionals know which direction to go as they help you heal. I’m going on about this because this used to be a huge trigger for me as well.

It sounds as if you’ve had a lot of trauma in your childhood. It is completely understandable why you feel the way you do. When you spend your whole life in fright or flight mode it’s hard to know what normal is anymore. As fear and worry take over the need to protect yourself becomes number one priority and every little thought or feeling becomes a threat and we go into panic mode. We know how ridiculous this may seem to others but yet we can’t stop it, explain, or control it. That’s where seeking help from a professional comes in. Of course I’m only making assumptions and I’m speaking out of my own experience.

For such a young man you possess such intelligence and strength. I know a lot of young people in your age group that would not have the insight that you already do. I’m so incredibly proud of you for finding this group, reaching out to us, considering professional help, and fighting this monster. This is no easy road my friend but I have no doubt that you are on your way to a healthier happy you.

Take care,


Hello eileen, what you said relates to me because it sounds silly to anyone i tell or when they see me stressed over something because its easier for them to face things but for me it can be frightening at times, i cant control my anxiety even when deep down i know that its all ok but i just can convince myself that because i always have this voice in my head that always says what if ? And i think that anything can happen , sometimes i just think my life is cursed, alot of bad things other than what i already mentioned has happened, even simple things in daily life , like i feel everything good happens to those around me but stops when its my turn, im always called the mature one in my family and friends groups but its probably due to the circumstances i went through that i became more knowledgable about the things in a person’s life that other people my age wont think about or thankful for alot still, i have a great life but recently this stress and all the physical symptoms that come with it follow me every second of the day where my heart always drops and i panic, i get shortness of breath and headaches and vision problems, its scary and annoying while i tried to ignore it and try my best to live normally its hard to, but i have gotten alot of support here which is why im a bit stringer than before where i didnt think i had all this hope

kateba in reply to Kevin160

Unless someone like myself goes through what you do they just can't understand it. People do dismiss it and that's not right for them to do. They just don't understand you have an illness that needs treatment. I have many good friends who even though they don't understand what I go through they are sympathetic. The ones who just dismiss it I avoid, they don't help.

Kevin160 in reply to kateba

Yes thats why i want to take things to my own hands, by starting therapy i can get better and stop this constant fear and anxiety i suffer from every single day

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