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Starting Therapy!


Okay, I'm nervous, but I'm also super excited. Tomorrow is my first therapy appointment and I can't wait to start getting mentally better! It'll be a long journey, but it'll be so worth it. I can't wait to be looking back a year from now thinking "that was a great decision, I'm so happy now"

I hope all of you have the chance to see a therapist if you feel it would help you!

Have a great day! ❤️

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Yeah, I wish I could too. Good luck and more happiness on your new journey of healing. Your a very positive person. I admire you for that. :)

DemonEyes in reply to Hidden

Thanks 😊

Good luck at therapy. It can been hard but you learn a lot about yourself. The hardest thing is to keep working on yourself and instituting therapist advice into your life. Just try baby steps one day at a time. You got this girl.

Thank you! 🥳

Good luck buddy! Be sure to tell us how it goes tomorrow OK?

DemonEyes in reply to Square251

I will do!

Hi Panicmad, tomorrow you will be taking that next important step

to a new path of healing. The time I have spent in therapy brought

me where I am today. Good Luck. The rainbow is awaiting you :) xx

DemonEyes in reply to Agora1

Thank you!!

Please let us know how it goes. Your positive attitude is wonderful.

Therapy has been so good for me. Doing the work had positive results.

Best of luck to you:)

Hi Panicmad,

I am so happy for you that you are embarking on this journey. You are the most valuable thing in your world and are worth the investment of therapy.

I noticed on you picture that you write ‘a journey to perfect mental health’.

I was wondering if you might want to consider changing the wording to ‘a journey to ever improving mental health’ or something like that.

I’ve been seeing a therapist for quite a few years now. I am certainly a lot better than I was but I know I will never be perfect.

Enjoy the journey.

So how did it go?

DemonEyes in reply to Square251

Good timing, I just finished the session. It was hard, but also helpful. Anyone who can talk about past trauma, well they must be very brave. The therapist is very nice and I hope if I keep going that I'll start to feel less anxious soon. I hope everyone is having a good day :)

Square251 in reply to DemonEyes

That's great! You're right, you really are brave for taking this step. I'm so glad to hear that it went well. I'm having a great day myself thanks, it's my birthday actually.

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