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I begin therapy two weeks ago. I went to my second session yesterday. I have done therapy in the past and I have always enjoyed it. I then start feeling better and stop going before I can really work through the problems that are troubling me. I am hoping this time around I can stay committed. I want nothing more than to live a calmer life. I just want to overcome my constant worry and fears. I do see the light at the end of the tunnel, but I am impatient also. I want to be fixed already lol. But it will happen as long as I keep putting the work into it.

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  • You hit the nail on the head - staying until the issues are resolved (or at least worked on lol). I am starting my talk therapy tomorrow and am looking forward to getting some things off my chest. Do you find it helps to just 'vent' while you are there?

  • Yes I always feel like a weight has been lifted when I leave. It's also nice to have a professional tell me I am not as crazy as I think I am. I just have a lot of stuff to deal with.

  • I have been in therapy for several months. Yes, I always feel like a weight has been lifted when I leave. Feels so good to just let it all out!

  • Is it helping you?

  • Yes! She has given me great tips, has helped me to understand my condition, and makes me feel "normal!" I actually have had whole days where I don't have any anxiety at all. It is HARD work, and I am not always successful. I have really bad days, and the depression is heavy, but I have tools that i can rely on. Recently, I let my guard down because I was doing better and I fell back into old habits, so I am trying to recapture my small successes!

  • If you feel good about your therapist, I hope you do stick with it. I had 25 years of therapy and can't imagine if I'd even survived without it. It was always the highlight of my week, one place someone cared and listened.

  • So glad to read that you love your talk therapy. I haven't gone in YEARS and started with my psychologist today as well. It went great, even though it was more of an intake visit. Knowing it is a safe place, and you can say anything really helps with getting things off your chest. She reassured me and I feel so much better having gone. I am hoping more people here give talk therapy a chance.

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