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Finally starting therapy?


I was always reluctant and i would avoid it but not anymore , i finally told my sister to book me the appointment at a therapist she knows who is supposedly great, i woke up feeling better calm , so the reluctance came back (oh im feeling better, oh i might be better now ..). that crap. , i keot saying over the year i will go many times here as well i said im going to therapy but i never did , hopefully it works out this time

I just need you guys to push me to get therapy , i started gettin these thoughts that maybe because im feeling calm today and im not seeing an anxiety attack near in sight that this means i dont need therapy which i told myself all last year whenever a panic attack or anxiety would give me a break, and worrying that therapy which i consider a last option wont work and i will spiral out of control, just if you can reassure me and push to get help , i will be going this week, i need your help

Any experiences with therapy and how sessions go will help because i have bad trust issues and feel done with talking about my anxiety , but i need this

I have a problem , i cant control most of my anxiety which is based on irrational and basic situations, i tried to fix it myself , i only went so far , i cant do this alone not after this week , its been exactly a year since my anxiety disorder spiraled out of control with the ocd tendancies and the irrational thoughts, the anger, the sadness and all of the above.

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When I tell myself I don't need to treat my diseases, because I feel better, is a lie the illnesses try to get me to believe. I ended up having a meltdown before I went for therapy and meds. Even now, when I'm feeling better I'll think to myself that maybe I don't need treatment. Which only validates the fact that my thinking is screwy. I'd say give it a try.

Well this is my thinking most of the time, i get severe panic attacks, i say i need therapy , the next day i feel a bit better then i stand all the suffering , i say i dont want to be a burden on my family , or embarrass myself , admot i have a problem, that im weaker , that im inferior, that i am not strong enough , its scary , especially when the people around you dont understand even if they try to be supportive, i cant tell you how many times my family members were like “just dont stress too much” when im having a panic attack and i would be crawling out of my skin feeling the most fright i ever had in my life ..they since tried to help but its not their fault, they just dont get it and i need to go somwhere where i will get the help i needed

Exactly. The thoughts you're describing sound normal to me. And that should further validate your decision to go for professional help. You also sound like many people who post on this site, so this is a good place to be. If I could fix the problem myself, I wouldn't be here.

Yes, i am really nervous about therapy ,how it will go, what will happen , what if i take meds , will they work. Will the side effects be too horrible , will i become too dependant on them .. these sort of thoughts

Once again, you're not alone. I just chose to do it anyway. If it wasn't all those fears, I'd just be anxious about other things. Also any change is scary. Some of that thinking for me is a normal human reaction I just try not to let it run my life and alter my positive decisions.

First of all Happy New Year. Secondly congratulations for taking control of your own self care and booking an appt w a therapist. Third, again, control the worry monster inside of you. Dont let it ruin you. Once you see it is overanalyzing again stop it in it's tracks. Your worry is not you. It's your brain. Your mind needs to take over and say " This is bs stop it. Not today"

Worrying doesnt get anyone anywhere.

I say " Stop. Stop it right now" And boom it stops.

You gotta train your brain to do this.

Kevin160 in reply to Sunnidayz1

Well i try my best but sometimes its really hard you probably understand , yet i try mostly , but sometimes i get advices here to just accept it and be anxious , i just get conflicting opinions sometimes and i guess thats why im deciding to start with therapy so i can find the most suitable course of action for me specifically, but i appreciate your feedback thank you

Sunnidayz1 in reply to Kevin160

Once you see your therapist you wont feel conflicted. We try to give advice based on own experiences and what works for us here on the site.

This site is very helpful and supportive but your therapist will know best.

Continue to do the work. It will all be worth it.

Sunni xx

If someone forces you to go to therapy, just do it. Like my sister, your sister cares about you even if she forced your story out of you. Trust me therapy works

Kevin160 in reply to book_life

Ya i mean she didnt force me to therapy but we were talking about how 2019 was a great year for her and we got to talking that to me it was the worst year mentally for me , and she insisted on me talking about everything which i needed but after the talk , it was a terrible feeling i just felt soo anxious all day because i fet like reliving everything , and i couldnt even clear my mind , a big rush of feelings came and i couldnt stop it , but today im feeling better and started feeling reluctant on going to therapy , but i know i need this even though i dont always feel anxious like i used to

Hi Kevin,

You have done the hard things, you have admitted you have a problem, you want to do something about it and you’re open to people helping.

Deciding to get a professional “so i can find the most suitable course of action for me specifically” sounds like a really good approach. And don’t worry about medication until a professional suggests it as it’s not suitable or necessary for many people.

I started therapy a few weeks ago after being initially persuaded to get help by a friend who said how much therapy had improved his life.

I have severe fear and trust problems with anything medical and found the thought of my first session really terrifying. In the weeks between getting the appointment date and the actual appointment I was very apprehensive and like you tried to convince myself that I didn’t need therapy despite having had several assessments that said I most definitely did need it.

The day of my first session I was a real mess, but once I got sat down and started I found it quite easy to talk to the therapist and very quickly felt quite comfortable. In the past I have talked to some of my friends about things and the experiences that caused my anxiety in the first place and while it was helpful talking to them it would often lead to flashbacks and become quite disturbing. I find talking about things in therapy doesn’t affect me in the same way.

It’s really good your appointment is so soon. You haven’t long to stress over it. Give it a go and see what happens.

You’re making a really good start to the year.

Bravo Kevin...

We're all pulling for you with love & understanding.

Enter this new journey with confidence & prayer :)

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