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back again

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So I was dating this girl for 4 months then we started to fall off simultaneously and she ended it. We didn’t talk for about a month or 2 and we blocked each other in social media. One Sunday she hit me and we were talking again and started to hangout a couple times. I started seeing a therapist in between the time I was alone and it really has helped. Anyways I thought things where going well and I asked for us to be in a relationship again and now she’s ignoring me. I asked a simple question and I thought I deserved a simple response or a polite answer. I’m here asking for help to see if I should keep trying to make it work or to move on. I know she’s important to me and I’m worried my depression will come back if she’s gone. I want her back in my life but I don’t want to bug her. Her ignoring me hurts me. I want to know should I or is it worth even trying to see if she wants anything with me?

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You may be the one in therapy , but she's the one with a problem. In relationships we often want things to work so badly that we ignore or overlook small problems. Later when things have escalated we wonder what happened .Do yourself a favor and pay attention. The two of you seem to be out of sync . Move move , move and have a good life. Pam

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Thanks I need some advice so I appreciate everything

Hi Jeremy. Just based on what you said it sounds to me like she's not serious about the relationship. Kind of sounds like she's playing games and nobody needs that. I had a similar situation and I found out later he walked away because he was seeing someone else. He came back when she dumped him and stuck around until he found someone else again. I was devastated. But I came to realize that I deserved better and it was a waste of my time to want someone who didn't want me.

Just my opinion but I don't think you should pursue a relationship with this girl. You clearly have more feelings for her than she does for you. If she can toss you aside that easily then it's not worth it. She doesn't deserve you and more importantly, you deserve better. It'll hurt for a while but your heart will heal and you'll find someone better.

If I were you I wouldn't contact her again and would ignore any attempts by her to contact you. Relationships are hard and even harder when it's more one-sided. The therapist helped before so I think you should consider going back for a while and get some help to deal with this so you don't sink back into the depression.

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I really needed this. I don’t know how many times I’ve almost sent a message to her. I have so much feelings yet she has none for me and it hurts me. I know I’ll get over it but right now it I appreciate the advice.

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You will definitely get over her. And when you're ready, I fully believe you'll find someone who's right for you.

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