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Need immediate advice


Going to the doctor rn it’s a check up but I’m scared to tell him I’ve been feeling fear I don’t want to feel alone and the other day I was scared to have a knife anywhere near me and my daughter I had the briefest thought of what could happen if I hurt myself or my child. I would never ever ever ever do that. It goes against everything I believe. Everything. I don’t want them to baker act me here in Florida That’s where you are involuntarily forced into a mental health facility. I started feeling anxious over a week ago when I was at a restaurant. Anyway I have to take care of my kids and this is getting in the way. I am taking the buspirone but I know it takes a few weeks to kick in. I’ve been praying hard about this. I’ve always been so strong and I don’t know why this is happening. Please give me some advise. I’m so worried and scared that it’s interfering with my thought process . Should I tell the doctor about that idk plz help I just don’t want things to escalate

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I would tell them even though its scary. It's also scary to live afraid of yourself. I know from experience...

Thank you so much I will .... hugs!!

Love and hugs to you!

Let me know how it goes!

How'd it go?

Sorry I was physically drained I was shaking and crying and so scared but I told them everything. Thank you so so much !The doctor wanted to change the buspirone to Xanax or Prozac but I said no. I have to be there for my kids and I don’t want to become dependent on pills I really really don’t. I have to see him every month now. I’m praying this goes away. I am going to try as many natural things as possible before taking those pills. I can’t be on anything that could make me sleepy I have to take care of my kids. Thank you so much for checking up on me. Blessings to you and good night!

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