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I finally did it!

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Finally I went to the doctor for help!

Last week I couldn't sleep my mind was on overdrive I was so angry. I looked up my doctors surgery to see in they had an email address or something I would have a rant to. So I came across an online consultant form where you fill out the problem and the doctor will get back to you in 24hours.. So I tried it, got a call the next day and they booked me an appointment..Great!

The comes the day and lucky I have a rotten cold so my brain is consumed with that to stress or panic about the appointment.. Walked in to find a young male doctor about the same age as me and felt completely stupid.

But as soon as he asked that question "what can I help you with today?" the flood gates opened and I just cried and babbled a load of god knows what at him.

So anyways after a long chat he says I have depression (knew this already but to have a Doctor say it helped in a strange way)

We discussed treatments and although I have been against medication for years I agreed to try the mildest thing he could offer. Citalopram 10mg.

Lets see how I get on :/

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Citalopram should help,it did for me ,best wishes

Any tips on taking it Alan? My husbands busy at work and won't be around for a few days so I am a bit scared to start them right now

I found them a lifesaver at the time I was in a right depressed state I used to take it in the morning and never got any side effects as such but my low mood lifted and I remember my breathing was much easier after a couple of days and I got a lot better and was functioning ok definitely get them down you don’t read the side effects labels just think of it as your happy pill ,take with your breakfast

Thank you that's just the advice I needed to hear(read)!! Thanks x

Your welcome let us know how you get on 🤞

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