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Finally,, i did it but now life is like hopeless

Finally , i leave him as you guys told me but now he spoil my life.. i spend 4years with him but he takes 4min to destroyed my life..

As i was just afraid of that he will come in my house n do all this..

Finally it was Wednesday 20th Dec at night 11:05 a sound of glass break just 5mins after i slept in my bed when i heard the sound i just woke and go out and see it was he my bf(brokenup x-bf) ranning but everybidy caught him and now he made my life hell... he said the he will destroyed my life...

I can't study aftr 1month i have exam.. what to do??

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Hi you asked us for our advice and we gave it. Whatever you chose to do with it is down to you. Would you rather have stayed with this man if he behaves like this? I hope you have been to the police and got a restraining order against him. What he is doing is against the law and you must do everything to keep yourself safe. x


I m so hopeless,, i want to die... U knw i can't go out of home just cuz of him...


Hi Naus,

Take Hypercat54's excellent advice - report the matter to the police. You address will be noted on the police dispatch system and given priority attendance should you call them (hoping not).

If you are studying, make use of the student assistance program (SAP) at your school for some free strictly confidential counseling.

The SAP is a there to help you deal with concerns in your life by finding solutions

If additional resources are needed, the counselor works to ensure referrals are appropriate, beneficial and affordable.

You can count on the SAP for guidance and support. Call the SAP for issues that interfere with your daily activities, happiness, family stability or overall wellbeing. Some of the topics a SAP counselor can help you with are:

•School performance


•Dating and relationship issues •Conflict, bullying or violence •Depression or suicidal thoughts •Family concerns •Confusion

•Trouble with peers

•Alcohol and other drug problems

•Eating disorders

•Problem gambling concerns


Now he warned me that if i do anything bad with him... He will spoil my life... he will make viral images of mine and spoil my life


Do you have any brothers that can have a “talk” with him? Be sure that tell your family so they know what is going on.

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Yeah,, i have a bro..

Yeah i told everything to my life still afraid of all this...

The only way to make everything normal..

I have to do sucide


No, that is the most abnormal way to deal with this. Don’t let let this asshole drive you to take your life. Tell the authorities and let him know that you have told them and to never come near you again.

What did your brother say? I don’t condone violence, but if anyone said these things and threatened my sister, it would not end well for them.

I wish I could help you. Just please don’t do anything as irrational as suicide. There are numerous other things you can do to about this situation.

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I told my FAMily members about this.. I live in India ,, we live in a society Whre we have taught Abou girls faults only ,,actually now i m totally depress Whole night i don't sleep just open my eyes n if i get a little sound from outside i m afraid if he has CME or not


Hi Naus,

It's been a few days since our last posts.

I hope you are feeling better about your situation.

While browsing I came across this excellent article about how to deal viral threats A reason to not feel so threatened when threatened – and many reasons why to see such a threat as a unique opportunity!.


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Why should you commit suicide because you have an abusive ex-partner! The only way to be safe is to report him to the police immediately and tell them of his threats to you. Is there anywhere you can stay for the meantime where he can't get to you? Maybe with family/friends or even a women's shelter?

You are not thinking clearly right now and I don't blame you. Don't let this horrible abusive man destroy your life. Your priority is your safety so don't worry about anything else until you feel safer. x


Thx for not blaming me..

Actually after 1month i habe a very important exam but can't concentrate just buz of all this things.

My life becme hopeless😢😢😢😢


None of this is your fault but his. Never forget this.

First thing is to go to the police and report what he has done and his threats. Tell them you need to be kept safe. Then see if there is anything else you can do to protect yourself ie move home temporarily.

Stop worrying about the exam as I am sure if you tell them your circumstances you will be able to take it at a later date.

I want you to come back in and tell me you have been to the police! x

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Thx for the gr8 advice...

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