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TMS works

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I'm six weeks out from my last TMS treatment (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation). After thirty years since I was first diagnosed with depression and anxiety, the depression has completely disappeared for over six weeks and the anxiety has been cut in maybe, half. I have no thoughts that I'm a failure, that I'm worthless, that I don't deserve the life I have. I don't wake up in the morning with my whole body tensed, ready to run away as fast as I can. The same problems are there; weight, exercise, job and siblings. I see these issues so differently. They are things that have to be dealt with, not things that are holding me back. The anxiety is there, but its not enough to keep me inside, in bed. My anxiety now consists of the fear of everything going back to the way they were. The depression will start to come back and I will need a week or two of additional treatments, that's a given. Most people last a year before that happens, But I can't help but worry that if I push myself, if I go too fast, that if I happen upon a trigger, that I will immediately fall back down the rabbit hole. This is all so different and I'm not used to it. I'm going to a therapist to help navigate this new brain of mine. I'll let you know how it goes.

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WOW!! This is such important information!! There are so many people who are not helped by medication or therapy. I will have to research this new brain stimulation and find out more about it.

Thanks ever so much for sharing with us, tiredswedge.

I been looking into TMS and Esketamine comes out in 2019. Gonna just bounce and wait for it. Supposed to revolutionize depression and anxiety treatment.

Am happy you’re feeling better. That’s great news. Please keep us updated

Sounds like a completely life changing experience for you. That is wonderful news and your brain will adjust to your new circumstances real soon :)

I always tell people doing TMS my story and I hope it helps!

I had to stop at session 30 because my anxiety was through the roof. My fiancé found 39 complaints about anxiety increasing during TMS and some said they never even had anxiety prior to TMS. It was explained to me that while it’s helping the depression on the left side of your brain, it opens up space for anxiety which is on the right side. I will say though; it was worth it. My depression has diminished so much. Around session 25 myself and my family noticed I wasn’t so down anymore. Of course I hated the anxiety but I’m managing it now with meds. I finally feel more balanced. It works differently for everyone. A lot of people don’t feel results until session 30+ and others feel results on session 8. Google NueroStar TMS. That’s what I researched prior to applying. Oh and no matter what anyone says, insurance DOES cover it. But if you do it on the right side as well, it’s out of pocket because FDA hasn’t approved it yet. Good luck!! Keep me posted!!

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