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I thought I would introduce myself. My name is Dave and I'm been living with depression/anxiety for quite some time.

Unfortunately, I don't really have anyone that I can talk to about my condition other than my therapist and psychiatrist. The both of them are a great help, but it would be nice to share my experiences with people who actually have been through or are going through something similar.

Right now, I am in my second week of having to go back on medication after being off my meds for six months. It's disappointing that I have to do this. I thought I was finally over having to deal with depression/anxiety, but no.

The side effects of the meds have largely subsided, so that's good. I'm just getting use to having one good day versus two not-so-good days as my mood slowly balances out over the next month or so. It's bee a while since I've had to go through this.

I know things will get better, but when my mood slumps it's hard to remember that. I've been on these meds for over ten years and reached a point where I was basically without symptoms. I thought that I might be able to go off them and still feel fine. Again, it's disappointing that I can't.

I just takes time. I know that. It's the wait and the up-and-down of feeling great to feeling pretty bad that can be exhausting.

Any words of encouragement or similar experiences that anyone out there would like to share would be appreciated.

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Wanted to say welcome to you...

Hope it helps you to be here.

Best wishes x

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Thanks, Olivia. It does help.


Sometimes anxiety and depression has a chemical imbalance in the brain component to it. It’s nothing you did wrong it is just like any other physical illness. Don’t beat yourself up about it. I been on medicine for 20 years.

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Thanks for the kind words. I'm feeling a little better and am trying not to beat myself up too much about having to go back on my meds. I just need to be on them and that's that. It's just slow wait for thigs to get fully back to normal and the ups-and-downs in the meantime that are hard.

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It’s a good thing we live in a time in history where we have these medicines available to us. The hardest part is the waiting for the medicine to kick in fully. Hang in their and endure. You can do it!

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You're awesome, here_i_am. Thanks again.

Someone suggested once that if I were diabetic then I would take my insulin right? That helped me accept I needed to take my meds. Ironically years later I developed type 2 diabetes.

Sometimes things feel impossible. The medication helps, but it's only part of my treatment. Things are not as bad as it was for me.

That's a good comparison. I definitely need to be on these meds. When I am on them, combined with a little therapy, I am almost completely anxiety and depression free. I will come around. It just takes time. Thanks for your comment, moonrising7.

Hi Dave,

I am sorry that you had to go back on meds. It cannot be easy...yet, as you know, there are waves to ride with anxiety and depression.

I hope it passes quickly for you, though.

Try to keep a bit busy with things to do everyday, even if you are anxious. It diverts your attention for even just a little while.

I try to “exercise my brain” just like someone who has something wrong with their knee would strengthen their knee and leg with physical therapy. It does not necessarily feel good at the time, but the more I think of or do other things, the better I feel.

I have very deep depression with some anxiety and cannot concentrate because my head is cloudy. I have had ECT and my meds will never go away...I need them at all times. Even though I exercise my brain, it does not mean the symptoms will subside. It just means that there are times when I can let go of concentrating on my own problems and think of something else...a book, a game on my phone, doing the laundry, fixing something in the house, going on a walk, visiting a friend/volunteering, or completing a project/working on a craft.

By talking to you, I am giving myself more ideas to try too. I am not perfect at this, but when the anxiety takes hold, we need to feel that we have SOME control until it subsides.

I hope you have a good day and that you can feel empowered to do just one thing today that “gets you through”.

Sincerely, Emily

Thanks, Emily. I appreciate your comment. I do feel better and will continue to improve. I just need to be patient and ride this out over the next month or so. It's at a point where I definitely see improvement in my overall mood. It's just the inevitable fluctuations in that mood that are bound to happen as the meds build up in my system to a point where they can really have maximum effect. I feel pretty good for a good portion of the day and then... not so much. It's disheartening, but I tell myself it will eventually get better. I know it will.

It can be disheartening. I DO hope you feel much better soon. All my best, Emily

I do know how you feel. I was almost off all my meds. 2 years ago I was on 4 . I have worked hard and slowly weaned off all but one for 6 months. Then out of the blue I went into a deep depression. Now I’m back on 3! I am so disappointed. I also got excited and thought maybe I was doing great. It sucks to start over! I know I will better soon cause the meds worked before and they will work again! The transition is really hard and I just want to be over it!! I was actually feeling emotions again. Laughing, crying. Which was great! Don’t feel those emotions very much on meds. I don’t know at what point we just except we may have to take meds for the rest of our lives.😠

I completely get the frustration, dmcfnp58. I honestly thought I was over this. For six whole months I was completely fine. No depression or anxiety. Nothing. Then, all of a sudden, it was just BAM. I'm just glad I was able to realize it and get back on my meds in time before it became really bad. Starting over after having been on them for so long is tough. The side effects within the first six weeks or so can be difficult. Not to mention the long wait for them to really start working. At this point, I have no plans to ever go off my meds no matter how long I need to be on them. I don't want to go through this again.

Thank you for being there. Just been back on meds for 2 weeks. Already feeling better. Still have a lot of anxiety in the morning. I’m lucky the meds kicked in pretty quickly. I was definitely hitting the spiral down. I guess I should just be thankful that the meds work! It’s so nice to talk with people who understand!

You too, huh? My depression and anxiety are also at their worst I the mornings/early afternoons. The I experience a little break where things will go up and down through the day until the evening. At night, around 8pm or so, it all passes and I feel almost completely normal. Even the side effects from the meds are diminished. This pattern has happened every time I've had to increase or restart my meds. It's the strangest thing. I guess it's just the way my body works when it comes to this kind of thing. We just need to hang in there and ride it out until the meds build up enough to really work. I'm definitely feeling better despite the ups-and-downs. Take care, dmcfnp58.

What kind of side effects are you having? What meds are you on? How long have you been back on them? Hope I’m not being too noisy. Just nice to have someone to share experiences with.

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