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Feel like I’m going to die soon. My anxiety will not let me shake this feeling and it’s really freaking me out. As per my other posts, you may know I think about death a lot. But it’s getting to the point where I feel like I’m kind of preparing myself for the acceptance of death? Does that make sense? Like it freaks me out that my mind even thinks about death as often as it does. I feel like I’m not in control of any of my thoughts right now and it feels like torture. Being held captive in my own body.

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Do you mean you’re okay with when you die? Or do you mean you’re making plans to kill yourself? Sorry I have to ask because I know you’ve been having these thoughts lately and of course I’m worried. I know this illness is a son of a b*tch but we have to keep trying meds, different doctors if the ones we have aren’t helping, trying different therapy methods. Have you thought about inpatient for a few days? The people there really help especially the psychiatrists. If I didn’t go, I would not know the important powerful things I learned about this illness. You’re in crisis and I really hope you get professional help and keep talking to us. X

No not plans to kill myself! I just have this “doom” feeling over me

I hate that. Everyone feels that way. Read Fauxartist post. It’s really good!

Hi there sorry to hear your undergoing such torment at the moment I life throws us some pretty nasty things! Anxiety and depression are too nasty bed fellows which can make us feel like we can't carry on or don't want to be here any more! But please be assured that with the right help you can get your life back so if you've not already done so go to your doctor and ask him if he would refer you for help with your anxiety and depression please take care All the best david 💐

Hi. Did you ever reach out and ask about OCD. The fact that these intrusive thoughts are giving you anxiety is a clear indicator you don’t like the thoughts. Your therapist may not be educated in these subsets of OCD. Please look into this. So many people, including myself, have scary intrusive thoughts about all sorts of strange things. It’s just a glitch in the mind. Mine used to be “what is life” and I’d be freaking out all day, about the meaning of life. Please, please find a therapist specialized on anxiety and OCD. Also their are podcasts, Christie Hodges, OCD stories, CBTschool etc.. I’m not a

Doctor but your preoccupation with these thoughts show that you don’t like the thoughts and they give you anxiety. Wish you the best of luck🙏

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