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Loud thoughts

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Sometimes I think I’m crazy.

Idk if I have anxiety or depression or anything. But u have a lot of disturbing hoists just wandering in my tiny brain.

It’s a constant loud tsunami of thoughts. Like a constant reaction to all the stimuli and sensations around me.

I’d be walking and I’d feel, see and think so much things. From safety hazards, to omg there’s a huge mole on that persons face, to I have to finish this assignment, to I wonder how global warming is doing, to a random article I read a month ago.

It is constant. Never a single moment of peace up there in my head.

At times the random thoughts are random negative thoughts. Thoughts that I don’t need to have. Unnecessary ones. That sometimes I wonder if I’m consciously deciding to have these thoughts.

It’s as if I’m purposely falling into this pit of darkness, comfortable allowing the negativity and toxicity that I internally create to blanket me in a cozy corner.

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My brain never shuts up either. I have random negative repetitive thoughts and beat myself up with them all the time and when I don’t my mom makes sure to point out everything I did and do wrong. I isolate myself more daily and every night want to stick a sword in my brain and shut it up. Ability lowest dose worked and then I gained over fifty points try one and then more after try two and for treated horribly at work so my doctor even made me quit it. Nothing else can even touch me drug wise and psych across the board says I’m too hard of a case. Sorry you have this too on the never quiet mind.

wow, that must be tough too. It's so draining when there's a constant string of thoughts just banging in your head. I haven't seen a professional or a doctor about my case but I should probably go. I sometimes wonder whether I'm just overthinking, and I start to doubt whether the emotions or stress I feel is even genuine. I don't know whether I'm acting like I'm overthinking, or I'm purposely generating all these thoughts. It's really confusing.

I hope we can both find a solution for this.

I’m sorry you’re going through this. But know you’re not alone. I suffer with racing thoughts also. Although I haven’t found something that works for me I’ve heard meditating can help. Use something like the CALM app to help you. They actually have a section for anxiety I believe. I’ve also heard grounding works. Grounding is bringing your mind back to the present. So maybe look up some grounding techniques and try some out.

Hope this helped!

I've tried a couple of grounding techniques like meditation but its really hard. It's never really worked for me. But my mom says persistence is key. Do it every day and maybe there's a change. So ill try meditating for a few minutes daily. i guess it wouldn't hurt to try.


Constant loud thoughts like that are definitely not fun...so intrusive no matter what it seems. Since you have some trouble with the meditation/grounding techniques you might try the videos - they are a bit easier to stick with since it's video and audio. Also try some music that you like to listen to using headphones -- I found that that helps me somewhat as I can sort of "lose my thoughts" by singing along, etc. Another thing that may work is using the 5 things technique -- 5: Acknowledge FIVE things you see around you. Maybe it is a bird, maybe it is pencil, maybe it is a spot on the ceiling, however big or small, state 5 things you see.

4: Acknowledge FOUR things you can touch around you. Maybe this is your hair, hands, ground, grass, pillow, etc, whatever it may be, list out the 4 things you can feel.

3: Acknowledge THREE things you hear. This needs to be external, do not focus on your thoughts; maybe you can hear a clock, a car, a dog park. or maybe you hear your tummy rumbling, internal noises that make external sounds can count, what is audible in the moment is what you list.

2: Acknowledge TWO things you can smell: This one might be hard if you are not in a stimulating environment, if you cannot automatically sniff something out, walk nearby to find a scent. Maybe you walk to your bathroom to smell soap or outside to smell anything in nature, or even could be as simple as leaning over and smelling a pillow on the couch, or a pencil. Whatever it may be, take in the smells around you.

1. Acknowledge ONE thing you can taste. What does the inside of your mouth taste like, gum, coffee, or the sandwich from lunch? Focus on your mouth as the last step and take in what you can taste.

I hope that you can find some relief....

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