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Long overdue apologies


Hi everyone just wanted to say sorry for being MIA for so long,unfortunately besides my depression and anxiety issues I’ve been dealing with a ton of other health problems 😩 for those who don’t already know I suffer with arthritis which I can handle the majority of the time, but nearly 16 months ago my consultant took me off the treatment I was on and started me on a treatment that had only been approved and available to the general public 6 months b4 she prescribed it to me, long story short in the 13 yrs I’ve been receiving treatment for my arthritis symptoms this is the best treatment by far but for the past year I’ve been going to the doctors suffering from numerous symptoms and just feeling unwell in general,each time I went I told them I had been feeling unwell since I started the new treatment and during that yr I’ve been diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety, possible menopause, insomnia etc etc, I’ve had either some type of infection or virus and had to have antibiotics every month since I began the new treatment, yet not 1 doctor ran a single test to rule anything else out, it got to the stage where I couldn’t stand another day of feeling like death, so I went back to the doctors but this time I was determined I wasn’t leaving until they agreed to do some tests, so after a slightly heated debate in which I insisted that they ran tests to rule out thyroid and diabetes issues as the symptoms of these illnesses are identical to my symptoms including depression and severe weight gain which they said was probably related to my insomnia,eventually the GP agreed to do the tests and surprise surprise it turns out that I had a severely inflamed liver, low thyroid and borderline diabetes.since the results of the initial blood tests came back I’ve had blood tests done wkly and their running every liver test known to man including an ultrasound scan,and I have to have another thyroid test in a couple of months and I have an appointment to see someone about diabetes prevention next wk, so my advice is if your symptoms don’t match your diagnosis keep going back until they’ve ruled out all other possibilities, well I think I’ve covered everything that’s gone on since my last post, oh just 1 last thing regarding my depression and anxiety I’m feeling much better thanks to all the support from the NHS 2GETHER FOUNDATION and all the staff at the Tyndale Centre, time to say good night and say sorry for boring you all to death 😊❤️💋

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Good for you taking your health into your hands and good luck on your recovery!

Thank you for your support and words to of encouragement, I know I have a long way to go b4 I will even get the opportunity to state my case and try to get them to agree that patient should have a say in what treatment that they feel best suits them as they instead of just being told they are changing the treatments your currently taking something that has apparently has had extremely good results but every time I’ve had the same speech not only has the new treatment made any improvements but most actually made my symptoms worse, but what made me decide enough was enough was because during the year I felt l really bad every single and not once during my many appointments did a single doctor decide to run some standard tests just to be on the safe side and rule out any other possibility 👍🏻😊

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