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I’ve been scared of death for awhile and still struggling with depression but the anxiety is what’s really bothering me right now is there anything I can do to make it go down

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Are there certain reasons behind the anxiety trigger? Because personally with me I see when my depression is bad it triggers my anxiety and vice versa.

Yes Near Death Experience videos I think started it and now when I look at people I get freaked out and start worrying about them I used to be mentally healthy and happy and now every day my brain feels foggy and I can’t enjoy anything in life I’ve tried exercising and writing in a notebook every day and still nothing. I feel like a asylum patient But the anxiety is what is mainly bothering me today ever since I woke up it’s went down a little since then but is still there


Are you getting any help..that's important! Try breathing slowly ib through your nose & out through your mouth. I also take myself to happy times, turns the negative into positive....I sure this can help you in some way! I wish for you peace!!!

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that’s what I’ve been doing and it helps a little bit but it’s hard to control my thoughts I do find some peace in happy memories. And I haven’t seen someone yet only just talking to family which helps a little but they don’t know what to say most of the time. This all started back in the last weeks of may it started to get a bit better but then got worse again to the point of emotional numbness which hurts. I’ve been trying to do things to help but it’s still there I wish I could just shake it completely. I plan on getting Medicare and seeing someone when my mom gets back on Monday But until then I’m fighting my mind every day.

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Hang in there...stay strong & positive! I'm here for you! Watch funny youtube videos!!!

Well as a momentary fix to catch your breath, something like vistaril or Benadryl. Watch the caffeine too. And the biggie...Time. Take care.


It’s all I can say or do. *feels inadequate * hug

Because this is advice, I feel the need to say I am not a therapist, so take that into consideration when thinking about my words below. As others have said, getting actual professional help is the best move.

A lot of times, urgency helps drive the anxiety because it's working on your fight or flight reflexes. You HAVE to solve this problem RIGHT NOW or something horrible will happen.

If you can convince yourself the subject of the anxiety is unlikely to cause an IMMEDIATE problem, you can try to make an appointment with yourself to consider the issue more thoroughly at a later time. Nine times out of ten, if you do this, you'll forget all about the appointment and that particular incident will fade from your memory completely.

This technique works for some people, but not for everyone, and it's not 100% even when it does work. But if you can reduce or avoid SOME of the attacks, it will reduce your overall anxiety, which will in turn help reduce the number of attacks.

Also, with your journal, keep track of if the fear that caused the attack actual comes to be. My guess is, it hardly ever will. Having those numbers and seeing that USUALLY, when you have an attack, it doesn't come to anything except making you feel like crud may fortify you to better resist future attacks.

I find that guided meditation has really helped me. I've been diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder and it really sucks! My anxiety has been really bad the last week and sometimes it just take it minute by minute and I tell myself there is nothing to be afraid of, there is nothing happening at the immediate moment and I try to make a choice to not worry or fear. I know this sounds impossible but I try. I have a great therapist I have seen for 3 years now and I am on medications. Just one day at a time. Hang in there. Will pray for you!

Thanks I’ll give meditation a try

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