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Not much of an expert at such an age but I’ve been through depression twice which has been quite a long tiring journey which scarred me mentally and physically but also taught me many lessons and opened up my mind after getting over it.

A while ago I decided to start helping others , mainly people around me. Just sharing my experience and giving advice based off personal experience is effective.

If you are suffering just know that you aren’t alone , it’s gonna pass eventually and don’t be ashamed of it it’s fine to have depression or another disorder. Also let your friends and family know about it so that they can help you as much as they can.

And if you want to open up or talk about anything on your mind that’s bothering you hmu I’ll try my best to be helpful.

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You’re very kind! 😁😁😁

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Thank you :))

Thank you

No need to thank me :)

Very nice.

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Thank you...experienced help is the best! 🌺🙂🌺

You are a very sweet and thoughtful person!

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Yazan_K in reply to Jadely

Thank you 😊😊

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