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Need suggestions to cope with anxiety attacks


New here but hoping to get some advice. I have anxiety for about 4 years now with no medical treatment. It took me about 16months to figure out that it was anxiety as I never battled with it before. The anxiety is getting so bad that I don't even want to leave the house for fear of passing out in public. I start a new job in a week and I am so worried that I will have a panic attack and ruin my reputation with all my new coworkers. Medicine isn't an option right now as I have no health insurance. What are some things people do to work through an attack? Keeping busy seems to help but my first 4 weeks are training so I'm not going to be very busy. Any suggestions would be so appreciated.

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I just learned something about how to get through an attack. You run or walk quickly in a safe place counting corners of things. The combination of moving quickly and counting helps you refocus and bring your breathing back to normal. I haven't tried it yet but I've seen it in action and it seemed effective... best of luck to you.

I know just how you feel, just take it one day at a time

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