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Dealing with anxiety, panic attacks and nightmares. Advice required.

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i woke up at 4 in the morning. i cant concentrate and anxiety, stress and panic is killing my very existence. i have my boards this year. i am trying to look for a reason but i'm probably short of solutions. Eyes open and well, of course i'm tensed. its finals. So i study and after 4 hours of continuous struggle get something inside my head, i stop and this nauseated feeling keeps churning in my stomach and chest and my chest too starts paining and after one more hour passed and im sitting there and howling. I've been studying the damn subject for past 3 months. But still i got nothing, im have zero points! i really did try my level best. so i go out to get some fresh air, i've started with it again and then there, that's when my heart starts palpitating and im feeling the same feeling of throwing up. crying. harder to breathe. its really annoying. okay, somehow i calmed myself. next thing i hear a girl of 6 or 7 had an accident by having a wall fell over her at the construction side my dad is supposed to supervised. and my anxiety was up my throat, and that was my third panic attack. having books in my hands and i see him there all reckless and helpless, two hours later the girl dies while on her way to hospital. i had to focus but how? Had to go to school. i was blank. nervousness eating me and the verge of tears. 3 hours later, i screwed my main exams. i've been experiencing nightmares and seeing horrific imagery of i dont know what and i have been dealing with social anxiety too and well i cant go out alone cause when i do, i go through various heart rate increasing situations which makes me feel uneasy and certainly not right and i have a new year with new responsibilities and i feel so lost. i have been experiencing a behavior that its a bit off the circumference of normal. i know my problems aren't too big. i have had depression and it was worse than this but all i want is some help. if you can help then i'd be really grateful.

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Sorry you're experiencing all of this this. Maybe you can talk to your professor and let them know you have a lot going on in your life and it's effecting you greatly and mention panic attacks and your concern for your health. Have you seen or talk to a doctor about the panic attacks/anxiety/depression? A friend of mine started having panic attacks and after having a big one she started meds and she takes it as needed and she says it REALLY helps. If you haven't talked to a doctor about it, I would highly suggest/encourage you to do that asap.

i had gone for counselling for more than 7 times and that was a different story. i was tested positive for depression, anxiety and stress. and counselling actually had helped me and was clear until a few months back i started feeling distressed and sad for no reason. and well i dont like sharing anymore. i have someone up close who would obviously help me but for now he is busy with exams too and i would not like put pressure on him. and well no doctor. i cant. have family issues and well conservative minds will consider me crazy. and well thank you for your concern! :)

1. Talk about what you are experiencing with someone you trust,

2. Talk about what you are experience with your DR

3. Buy a journal and write down your anxiety encounters

You will get the answers you need by speaking with someone aswell as journaling your anxiety or panick attacks will give you some insight on what your triggers are and regain some understanding that you can over come this! have you heard of "the worry trick" book. I just b ought that and that helped ME A LOT. Its okay to worry, its normal to have anxiety, we just have to train our amygdala to understand that there is no need for fight flight or freeze! You can do it! I totally understand what you are going through and im going through that now. Take a deep breath, and exhale out , you will get through this..

i have tried talking but didn't help. and i possibly cant seek for help from a dr cause if i do my mom has to know which i cant afford cause she just knows how to point out the other religious facts and pinpoint my faults and depreciate me. and well thanks a lot! i know everyone has problems and hope yours settle too and well even if minor one has to find a cure to to prevent it from evolving into something big.

what kind of religious facts are involved?

ummm its indian stuff...hindu's and their unrealistic beliefs and superstitions.

that makes sense... Im sorry, write up some goals and journal... take each day moment by moment.. baby steps... I know its hard.. just keep posting and looking for sound and solid answers.

Actually i do try to express, did that a lot while i was going through depression and that's actually how i started writing and not particularly a journal but maybe a bit rant or poems bout how i feel.

anything is good! because you empty out your worries :)

yeahh!!! thanks a lot!! :))

youre welcome! Im struggling just like you! You are not alone! I am not alone! We can get through this! let me know how it turns out if you decide to journal! :)

i'll try doing it after im done with my exams. for now i got no time and these are my finals. but i'll sure let you know! and yeah you're not alone. dm me. im here :)

I write those type of poems too

ohh i would love to read them!! at least one good thing that has happened to me after depression was that i got close to writing and literature!!

I agree!..I now realize how much I like to write and it gives me a lot of practice. Sure!! When I saw that u like to write poetry I was going to ask what you thought of us sharing with each other and/or the group. I'll have to find one

yeah!! would be a great a idea!! and i would love to read them!! :))

I would love to read yours as well!!

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And I'll love to read poems of both of yours. Well I'm same like u all. Alone, Depressed, Anxiety at top and dint wa t to meet anyone. Just in my house since 3 weeks. I have blog though wil msg u the link. I write more of shayari and yes a good article on how I feel as a depressed person titled Being Cactus.

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