Panick attacks/anxiety attacks

Hello guys, a few questions.

How much does a panic attack(anxiety attack) last? Cuz i have more than 4 hours since my bpm is 90+ and my blood preasure is 150/80. I usually have 120/60-70

How can I have panic attacks(anxiety attack) if i am not anxious, i don't feel fear during those attacks.

Can really panic attacks or anxiety cause, headache, palpitations 90+ , high blood preasure, abdominal pains, dizzynes almost daily, eyes burning, the sensation that i can't swallow, impossible to breath in sleep? I don't have all the symptoms at the same time but from a scale 0--10 all of them are a 9.

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  • Unfortunately, they can last for hours. It used to happen to me a lot before I knew what they were. I would be fine and out of nowhere, a panic attack would hit. Have you talked to a Dr about it? Taking calm deep breaths until you feel your heart rate slow down can help.

  • I've spoke with my doc from Romania who told me that i am crazy... I will speak with my go here in UK maybe here I treated as a normal person bot like maniac

  • Hello, i have a constant feeling of pressure & i feel as if im not i know what your feeling & i have those symptoms.. However you have to keep in mind that you're not going to die & your heart is fine. The thing is that we are worried & afraid in the subconscious part of our brains & the panic attack is the translation..I still haven't cured it.. i just cope with it by singing,walking & talking to friends & family just trying to distract myself from the idea that everything is a burden.

  • Distracting myself does not help at all, tried with breathing and this helps a bit but I am.worried about the blood preasure which can go up to 200/120

  • Hey you sound a lot like I was, especially when starting out. No worries about the BP. Acute high blood pressure isn’t dangerous, only prolonged HBP. When I’m real stressed my BP rises to 210/99. Have been to the cardiologist and I’m all clear

  • Wow it's good to know i am.not the only one. But I am sorry for your bp

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