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Anxiety and panic attacks

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Hi, I'm new here and am happy I found you online. I start having panic attacks after a friend passed away unexpectedly from a heart attack and now I feel like my life is an impending doom. I want to get better and I even went to a cardiologist to get checked in which they advised me I have tachycardia secondary to anxiety. I am on a beta blocker but every little thing I feel in my body I cant help but think I'm dying. It's the worst feeling in the world. My boss makes my anxiety worse by always being down my throat for no reason. I need help in I'm trying to cure my attacks as I don't want to be on valium when needed. Thanks for listening.

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I've been dealing with a bout of healthy anxiety for the past 6 months, although I've had anxiety and panic for 10 years. Mine all stems around my heart, I've had ecg's, blood tests, stress echo, and holter monitor. Thankfully all my tests came back normal and I got the A ok from the doctors. However I still get the feelings from time to time. If you have been given a clean bill of health, you should look into therapy to help you deal with these feelings. I know all too well how bad/intense they can be. But acceptance, therapy, and medication is a great start. Don't give up hope!!

Thanks for replying. I had a holter monitor for 3 weeks and they had increased my beta blocker because my heart rate was at 155 during my attacks. I have been holding steady so far with the slight increase. I had an echo done and they said it looks perfect. I go to my Drs yearly for well visits and my blood work is always in range. My Drs state I have better levels than them. LOL. I am slightly elevated for glucose meaning I am pre diabetic, but I've lost weight and my glucose has dropped since being on a low carb diet these past 3 weeks. I work in the medical field and have wonderful doctors who are top notch in Tampa. I will be seeing my psych Dr in 2 weeks for my 2nd follow up to discuss this further as my first visit was long and over whelming. I tried meditation but it didn't help. I will look into groups or sessions once I follow up with psych regarding my medication management.

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Loveydovey0519Ambassador in reply to michimich

Sounds like you are doing EVERYTHING you need to be doing! Now comes the patience you need, because time does really help with recovery. There's no magic to getting better than I'm aware of, but definitely sounds like you're on a great path! Good luck!

Thank you. I feel like I have a great plan too and I want to get better which is motivating for me.

Again, thank you for your reply.

Lovey, so related to your reply to michimich. We all know what this feeling is and how intense it can be, bu the best way through it is acceptance and patience. It eventually does pass with support from therapists and meds. Takes time, but with a group like this who definitely "gets it," you begin to ever so gradually let the peaceful moments back in.

By the way, I am going down to my house in Palm Coast, FL on Saturday. Oh yes, the anxiety is high!

Hi! Your story really hits home for me because I am also in the medical field and from Tampa. I just started having anxiety a year ago after heart related issues. However, after my daughter broke her arm, it's gotten worse where I'm having episodes of high HR (HR 135) in the evening (when I'm thinking too much). I also see a cardiologist and I'm currently wearing an event monitor, but so far, everything with my heart is fine. I just went to my PCP who diagnosed me with anxiety. I'm looking into psych as well. Let me know if you find a good one around here. If you ever want to chat, I'd be happy to. It's nice to know we're not alone in this.

Hi there. I'm so happy to have found someone who not only lives close by, but is also in the medical field and can relate to my situation. You're doing the right thing with the event monitor and seeing psych for possible medication management. I'm happy to hear that your heart is doing great, I'd recommend they give you and echo and put you on metoprolol for the increased heart rate because its not normal to be that high when resting as you probably already know. I too was having my episodes after work, but now it seems to happen at work when my boss is down my throat (she's only like that because she depends on me a lot because of our two inexperienced M.A.s). I look forward to chatting with you so we can help each other through this.

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Kc29 in reply to michimich

Have your anxiety caused your blood pressure to rise when it happen?

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Hi what makes you think you will be given valium? There are a lot of newer less addictive ad's on the market now so you would be given one of those. It's up to you of course. Have you tried counselling?

If you don't want medical help that's your choice and you can try the self help route such as mindfulness, mediation, yoga etc,

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Thanks for replying back. I am on a low dose valium as needed for attacks. I can't take Ativan as my heart races with this medication. I was just taken off of Paxil and put on Celexa. I am in the medical field and am 100% for medical intervention. I am seeing a psych Dr for medication management and don't have a follow up for another 2 weeks to discuss this further. My first appointment was intense and a lot to take in.

Im very sorry for your. I know how hard life can be with THE WORLD turning upside down and the only way your wired to reacted is with fear! Boom then at least for me i completely get OBESSED death loss. I have found you have to let yourself feel. Hopefully youll have a great person who well help you understand that its going to calm down. Try to get out of the stressers if you can . Places you dont care for but go anyway or friends you talk too but could do without. Just start thinking about wat you would be better and more calm without.... good luck

Thank you. I am very lucky to have some close friends who deal with anxiety and panic attacks as well. We definitely talk to each other and talk/walk each other through them. A few of them are my co-workers (who are now more than coworkers) that have been amazing to me during this time. I feel a lot better since it's been 2 weeks since being on my antidepressant medication, I think it's finally starting to kick in. I am also on medication to help with my palpitations and feel like they're working synergistically together. Thank you for reaching out and I'm also increasing my workout with walking. I refuse to go to the gym due to my friends death stemming from a heart attack from working out. I remember hysterically crying to my doctor telling her I can't go to the gym and she said cancel your membership because walking 2 miles per day is just as good. She has been an amazing physician and friend to me since we work together closely.

WOW! I think your problems will end if and when you decide to overcome those fears of yours. We are all going to die someday and ABSOLUTELY NO ONE ON THIS PLANET knows when his time is up. No one has control over death and so, worrying about it is senseless and a waste of your time and energy really. All that energy could be put towards living life as best you can so you will have no regrets when your time expires.

I am certain you must have heard some say such things as "Death is only the beginning" or "Learn to live everyday as if it is your last". Well, I think those are really good ways to approach this living and dying thing.

Hi, I completely understand how you feel. My first panic attack occurred after a separation from someone I loved. I too thought I was going to die. Unfortunately, every since whenever I have major stress in my life the attacks occur again. I am seeking therapy which helps but not at the moment the attack occurs. I have found several things I do to try to calm myself. First I try to determine my anxiety building before the attack occurs then I find a "safe" place. Could be the bathroom at your work, your car if you can go to it, or outside any place you feel safe and away from others. I use my closet and shower when at home. Once in your "safe" place do deep breathing, do self-talk, count numbers out of order, think about the happiest thing that has ever happened to you and above all else tell yourself you are not going to die and this will pass. These are things that might help. I am unsure your relationship with your boss but maybe if you sit down and explain you are having some anxiety and need them to be more positive with you that might help. I am sorry to hear you are dealing with this and condolences on your friends passing.

يجب أن تأخذ الدواء وتبدأ الدواء في غضون ثلاثة أسابيع وسوف تشعر بالراحة

Hi I recently have developed panic attacks in the past 4 weeks. I have been offered the same medication as you but decided to try a natural approach. After seeing the doctor last week he was shocked at my recovery rate. We all have our own way to cope so if the medication makes you feel safe keep doing that. But you can aid the medication with mindfulness meditation, a natural diet increasing antioxidants and a positive mindset. Healistic healing helps and try to do things which make you feel relaxed as much as possible. You are more than your thoughts and this is just how your brain is coping with the pain. I try to see my panic disorder as a wake up call to get my life back in order. During my panic attacks I only focus on my breathing and let my thoughts past like clouds in the sky. Just letting them come and go without adding to them. A panic attack will only last about 20 mins, if you don't add to the thoughts. That's how long the adrenaline takes to settle. It took a long time for the stress to develop to get to my disorder so it will take just as much time to heal it back. There is a documentary on Netflix and youtube (i think) called 'Heal', I strongly advise you watch that. We are all so much stronger than we realise, the power is in you. Don't give up! Adjust and learn what your body is trying to tell you about your life. Also your boss sounds miserable on the inside, I had a very similar situation with my last job. He/she is probably just as stressed as you but doesn't know how to cope or what to do. Stay away from these people if you can. If you can't, learn a new way to look at them and a new way to process how they speak to you. You are alive right now what a blessing! You won't be scared forever, this will help shape who you are (at least that's what I keep telling myself). Stay strong girl!

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