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Just need to vent!


Sometimes I'm sick of using my coping skills. Some mornings I just want to disappear in my bed. I'm so sick of forcing myself to be well. I'm fed up with my brain never shutting off! But I do it. I get up, positive self talk all day if need be. Frustrating! Why do we have to suffer all the time

Sorry just had to vent. Switching back to positive mode.

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I feel you ...good thing you're switching back to positive mode!!! Best of luck! Have a beautiful day!!! XXX

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Thank you so much. You too! 😁

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My pleasure!!! XXX

This was me literally this morning too. I was on the phone with my boyfriend, and I told him I just wanted to give up. Stop fighting the war inside. But like you, forced myself to get up and taking little by little.

We got this. Even though we hate it, we got this.

I’m right there with you. I’m sick to death of fighting these horrid feelings/thoughts that wake me every damn morning. I want to wake up like a normal person and have a normal day, but nooooooo my body and brain say WAKE UP AND WORRY NOW!!!!! Its such a horrible way to start a day. I used to try to “sleep it away” but that only made it worse. I’m not giving in or giving up. I use my coping skills, breathing skills, and positive self talk every single morning. When anxiety wakes me up, I get up with it and no longer let it loom over me all morning. Even if it’s 6am and I’m exhausted. I force myself out of bed and try to get my body moving while using coping skills. I take my dogs for a walk, water the lawn/garden, clean kitchen, fold laundry, stretch.... anything but just sit still and worry. It helps, but it takes time. I’ve been on here 3 weeks and though mornings are the worst, I’m having more frequent episodes of relief and calm. Therapy and medication have also helped me, but the hardest work is willing myself to keep busy and constantly using those coping skills my therapist gave me. Keep it up even when you feel like crap and feel it isn’t working. You are reprogramming your brain into a new way of thinking and it takes patience and time. Hang in there, it gets better.

I totally agree. Thank you. I just signed up today. Am I allowed to ask you your med regiment? My doctor does not listen to me about my meds and how they're not really working.

Yes, you are allowed to ask anything that may help here. 😊. I take the generic Zoloft (Sertraline) 100mg. It’s a weaning process that takes several weeks b4 the body/brain adapts and levels out the serotonin needs of the brain and you get the full benefits. Because my anxiety has been debilitating my doctor also prescribed Klonopin to help with the attacks until I’m fully weaned back on my Sertraline. I’ve taken Sertraline for 20 years and it works wonderfully for me. I decided 7mo ago to stop taking it since my life was very stable and I had been stable for years. Then life hit me sideways with multiple stresses and I tumbled into this dark desperate hole I couldn’t get out of. I stated my medication, therapy, and joined this awesome group about 3 weeks ago. I can honestly say I’m improving. It’s a slow process, but I’m much better today then I was 3 weeks ago.

I just want to take the moment to give you one big "atta boy/girl" because you are a freaking rockstar!! You DO NOT let your anxiety dictate your life. You tell it: "I'm in control, I'm getting up and living my life!" Take the time to reflect and really give yourself that credit for fighting that battle every day and keeping at it. Be proud of yourself!! I believe showing up is half the battle, being present is the other half. It's okay to be a wounded warrior celebrate your victories!


I hear ya.....I'm having one of those blue days where I am just sick of banging my head against that same brick wall again. I have one issue I'm trying to be patient with, that is just dragging on forever and I am just tired of trying to be positive about it. I know in part I feel this way because of my disease....but at the same time....I do have a right to be a bit miffed about the situation. It's hard to always be rational about knowing part of the battle is the disease when you want to just scream for 10 mins. straight....it doesn't help when your just not in the mood to give a crap. But I do know this will pass....I know it will cause it has too....it always does. So....tomorrow is tomorrow and today I'll just be in the moment...deal with it....and recharge my batteries.....

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