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It’s been soooo long since I posted last, but the past few months have been crazy. I’m kinda over the hill now with my depression, but anxiety still is pretty bad. I had a really good streak after I saw Breaking Benjamin for the third time in May. Maybe if you’re interested I can write about that later? Anyway, yes it was amazing, and then family stuff happened. My parents fight so much about money and I’m just tired of it. Hopefully that gets better though.

I’m finally off my Prozac, which is amazing. It wasn’t helping me, in fact it made me feel worse. So yeah...that’s a little update there. I haven’t cut in a good three months now, and I threw out my blades hopefully for good!

I hope everyone here is well. XxXxX

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wow....good work ....that's awesome about throwing out the tools.....it's a big step up...I'm very happy for you. I am glad your off a medication that isn't helping you....but what are you doing now to help with your stuff....are you in therapy?....doing group?.... because my concern for you is that your depression is back...and that's a slippery slope to be on, I'm glad your sharing about it here....but I think it's important for you to be getting some help to keep from slipping....

Currently I’m not doing anything with therapy, but it should be soon that I get into one. I do a lot of writing and drawing/art related stuff to make me feel better when I’m down.

actually your doing all the right things to help express yourself....

Congratulations on continuing to fight a good fight. So glad to hear you've stopped cutting and figuring out what meds work for you. Keep you the great work. Life definitely comes with its challenges but keep the faith. Praying for healing, love and light for you!

Thank you so much, friend. Much love.

That’s great you’re doing better again :)

Can you talk more about Breaking Benjamin?

Sure! Should I do my next post for that?

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