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Hello. I am 35 and have had anxiety and mild depression for years. I have found it a very difficult subject to talk about for fear of ridicule and non sympathy. I have been told for years by people closest to me just to not worry about things and they will be O.K. But i end up feeling frustrated and hurt that the people closest to me dont understand. But I love to vent my thoughts and feelings so hopefully here is somewhere I can without feeling bad about it.

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Hi I don't talk to my family (or friends apart from occasionally) as either they don't understand or don't care. This is very common with those closest to us unfortunately. We then feel worse after we try don't we? I don't try anymore.

Maybe meds and/or counselling can help? We all understand here though so you can talk to us.


I do feel so frustrated with this. And I to have given up speaking to my parents regarding anything remotely personal. But i do deny it does make me so angry that I cant talk to them when I am feeling low. Luckily I do have some good friends which I really needed to have today. But a massive thank you for sending me a message.

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Welcome! It's safe to say what you want to here except for the requirement to try to avoid religion and politics in publicly viewed areas. They are ok in pms. Try to remember to lock your posts and you'll be rewarded by more responses! People are much more comfortable sharing things when they know it will stay here within the community and not go out over the whole internet.

I went to my 1st water paints + mixed media class 2 days ago and it felt like I'd found my home! The ladies were so down-to earth and the teacher was wonderful. Everyone shared and helped the other persons and the instructor hugged at the end of class! YES!!


Hi... Please tell me how do you 'lock your posts'?


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Hi everyone

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Thank you

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Are you seeing a therapist? They can be great in helping you out as well as providing a soundboard for you.

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I will be soon... My strategy has changed since coming to this group. I am starting a journal and phoning The Samaritans when feeling low. I am considering using St Johns Wart which is a natural anti-depressant. But I am taking my mental health way more seriously now. Do you see a therapist and how is it for you?


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