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Has anyone ever been angry and frustrated and just cried? Idk if I just haven’t cried in awhile and it was just building up or what. I feel like those 2 emotions and then crying don’t seem to go together!

I’m grateful to be able to share this feeling. I’m in my safe place right now just letting it all out before I head back into work.

Sometimes I want things to run differently at work but it’s when I speak I get shutdown so now I don’t say anything and this is me eating it. Hence the anger and frustration. I guess the crying part is just how I’m gonna deal with it.

A good cry is needed sometimes though right! Or I’m just super sensitive at times!

Hope everyone is having a super Good Friday! Sending you all hugs and positive thoughts!!

Thank you all for just being you wonderful human selves!!

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hey before I struggled I was still a quiet type of worker I usually only spoke when it was constructive helpful or whatever now I feel nervy and the words don't always come out in the best way.nothing wrong in having a few tears but at the same time don't become a work mouse if you feel you have a positive idea plan or whatever speak your mind.

Michael8072 in reply to kenster1

Thank you for your reply and totally hear what you are saying. I spoke up numerous times about things in the past and just was like always never done or didn’t match what he wanted. So I guess now I am that quiet mouse. I got tired of just never being able to go with that thought.

At times I get so frustrated and angry and I don’t know how to deal with it in that moment. I’m learning to just step out when I’m feeling that way and take some time away to clear my thoughts. It was just a harder day I guess.

I've found that any emotion will turn to crying if it is strong enough.Sometimes I don't know what is upsetting me when I cry. I believe there are a lot of emotions that just still haven't been named.

I’ve been there with the idk why I’m crying. I guess this was the first time I’ve been angry and frustrated and cried. So that’s new to me I guess. Now I feel like I’ve cried through every emotion. It was just a super rough day for me. My heads just hasn’t been in the right zone for me all day.

Thanks for your reply.

Find a quiet spot, grab a box of tissues and let it all out. You'll feel calmer when you're through. If anyone comments that your eyes are red, blame it on allergies.

Thanks for this. I have certainly let it all out!


Omgosh Michael,

I used to kick ass as a teenager and cry my way through it! I'd be crying and kicking some girl's a$$. And now, man I totally get it. I get so angry and I know that if I act on my emotions, I'll be wearing a stripped suit, and not like a lawyer. I can't speak for anyone else but for a man to admit they crying part? I totally commend you! I have only seen a glimpse of my guy with that type of emotion. He's only said he's sorry to me maybe 3 or 4 times in 15 years of being a horses posterior, and only after hitting 60 does he even remotely understand anything close to what depression really is because he sees his own mortality. So, yes you are safe, understood, welcomed and encouraged to let it all out brother lol

With Love Always...AU

Michael8072 in reply to Hidden

Thank you for your reply. Really appreciate it! I do feel safe here and greatly appreciate being able to share and release how I’m feeling instead of keeping it all bottled up.

I hope you are having a good day! Sending hugs and good thoughts.

Hidden in reply to Michael8072

Hugs right back at'cha bud :) We gotcha

A good cry is good for the soul, i usually get emotional when im irritated or when im trying to explain how i feel and i cannot find the words.... and omg i swear i sleep like a baby after i cry lol, how are you feeling now

I agree a good cry is good for the soul! I kinda felt like that was me earlier. I wasn’t sure if what I was saying made sense. But I just needed it to come out. So I didn’t have to continue to carry it longer. Lol. I wish that was me. I don’t remember the last time I slept real good. But it is emotionally draining so I could totally see sleeping real good afterwards. I feel drained right now but still wired if that makes sense. I did eat a whole bowl of ice cream though. It helped to drown the tears a bit! :)

I’m feeling more at ease now. Being able to share here is really helpful! Having support is just amazing!

How are you doing?

Its great that you let it out and you made perfect sense, and even if it did not we would still listen what matter is you felt better afterwards..another thing that is good for the soul is ice cream lol and chocolate ovbiously. Im doing okay watching scary movies


Yeah, I've started becoming quieter at work for the same reason. I feel like I used to be so confident but ever since I started working with this one friend who just constantly tries to shut me down and make me seem dumb in front of coworkers, I can feel myself losing my confidence and actually believing I am dumb.

Crying is healthy regardless of what emotion caused it, let it out! The most important thing is you went back in after you were done, faced the day and hopefully tomorrow will be better!

Michael8072 in reply to Hidden

I’m sorry you are going through the same thing. It’s no fun. I hope you can find a way to bring that confidence back and remember how smart you are and lose that other belief.

I always say tomorrow is a new day fresh start!!

Hi Michael, Tears act as a safety valve by releasing excess stress hormones

such as cortisol. If left unchecked, chronic elevated levels of these hormones

can cause physical ailments and play havoc with our emotions.

As stress often precedes a good cry, the sense of calm often felt afterwards

is basically due to hormonal release.

I found this in my files which better explains while we feel better after a good cry.

But it's got to be from an emotional state and not just cutting onions :) xx

Michael8072 in reply to Agora1

I guess I was due for a good cry then!! Thank you for your reply and explanation. Very much Appreciated!

I cut a lot of onions and it’s rare that I find a batch when I don’t cry but when I do I enjoy not having those onion tears! Lol.

Thanks again Agora!!

Crying doesn't come easier to me, but when I do, it's from being scared, frustration and an uncertain future?

I can certainly understand that. Frustration for sure.

I try to stay away from the future thoughts cause they certainly can take me places I don’t wanna go.

Hope you have a great Saturday! Thanks for your reply!

Hi Michael.

I certainly find a lot of relief from crying.

Work frustration can be a very good reason to cry.

I am sure you have good ideas at work so keep on trying to get your voice heard.

Very best wishes.


Michael8072 in reply to Kkimm

Thank you kkimm. I find relief from crying as well. Certainly feels like sometimes it’s needed.

Work at times certainly makes me get to that crying part.

Maybe I will try again at some point but for now I’ll keep the thoughts to myself.

Thanks for your reply! I hope you have a great Saturday!

Hi Michael8072, I myself, get frustrated with what docs have labeled a ‘disability;’ however, I have gotten used to being who I am and I only get mad or angry when others label me incapable which I do not like. If I ever cry then it used to mean someone was about to get hurt, but as I have gotten older I have learned to control my temper. I suffered a traumatic brain injury and even though I forget things or can’t remember how to spell something- I only have to know who and whose I am. And, yes, crying is quite therapeutic. 🇺🇸

Hi dangerousmind thank you for your reply. No one likes labels so I can totally understand not liking that. I’m glad that you’ve learned to control your temper. I have to learn how to not hold onto things that I shouldn’t hold onto. I hope your having a good weekend.

I am having a decent weekend, not quite at good yet; however, each day I, literally, learn something new. I thank you, Michael8072 for your reply and I appreciate everyone who has the courage to say what they really feel. I hope you are having a good weekend as well.

I wanna hug you soooo tight!!! That's all. 💚💐

Thank you! Hugs always help! 🤗🌻🌞

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