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Scared to Take Meds for Anxiety


Hi my name is Lou I'm a 56 year old Male. I'm new here and looking for some help. I had issues about 30 years ago when I thought my health was deteriorating. Long story short I ended up with depression and anxiety from worrying so much and was put on an antidepressant called Pamelor and I believe xanax but not sure but in that family of meds. After about a year I was weaned off both meds. I rarely had any issues again until about 7 years ago. Again I was being tested for an illness. I was misdiagnosed and it turned out to be asthma instead of COPD. But before I found out it was really asthma I begin to have anxiety issues. I could not stop my thoughts from worrying about my health and so I was put on Cymbalta and Klonopin. I took the Cymbalta as prescribed but I only took to klonopin once. The Klonopin seemed to help but I was so afraid of addiction that I stopped it and ONLY took the Cymbalta. The cymbalta worked within 2 weeks. After about 1 year I asked the Dr to wean me off of the Cymbalta. I did this and have been fine the past 6 years. So until now I felt great with the exception maybe 1-2 times every other month I may have a day or 2 of slight anxiety but nothing I couldn't deal with.

But now I have had anxiety for the past 5 days. No panic attacks just the nervous feeling, edgy and can't think clearly and constantly worrying. I can't stop from thinking about my health and to make matters worse I am so afraid to take Cymbalta or rhe Xanax that the doctor prescribed me. My biggest fear is that I'm going to get addicted to the meds. This fear makes my anxiety even worse. I don't know what to do. My doctor is away on vacation so I saw the fill in Dr. She prescribed me Buspar 10mg 2x a day. When I did some research most of what I read had people saying that they have more anxiety and nervousness from taking Buspar. So now I'm afraid to take it. The assistant Dr. also told me this med acts similar to Xanax in that it works within a an hour of taking it. But the difference is that it's non-addictive and works immediately. From what I have read through my research that's also not true. I read it takes 2-3 weeks to work. So now I've lost me trust in using this med. So I wanted to ask the experienced people on this site, do you think that I should just take the Xanax .25mg only as needed and see if that helps? If I get it under control then try go without the Xanax and see if I don't have the anxiety any longer? But if the anxiety returns then I try to start taking the Cymbalta and the Xanax together? Once Cymbalta kicks in wean off the Xanax and stay on the cymbalta? Please help since I need a plan. Thnx.

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Hi Loupags, I agree in that you do need a plan. That in itself would reduce the stress that's building regarding fear of taking medication. We all have that same fear. Afraid of the symptoms of anxiety but just as afraid to take medications for fear of becoming dependent. The thing Lou is that we are not doctors and can't give you a plan. Only your doctor knows what is best for you according to your health history.

My suggestion is to set up another appointment strictly to talk about your medication. Write down any and all questions you have concerns about. Once you leave that office, do not Google or read the pamphlet that comes with the medication. Remember everything said about the med is a generalization of the remotest chance of someone getting a reaction. It is more for the protection of the drug company. If taken responsibly and according to your doctors orders, you should have no problem and should see a positive result.

We can and will support your decision, your plan and walk the walk with you. We do understand what you are going through and how difficult it is to know what to do. You have found a wonderful group of men and women who really care. We are here for you. Good Luck in going forward

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Thank you Agora1 I really appreciate your response and understand what you're saying. That was what this visit was for yesterday with the fill in Dr. and that was to come up with a plan and if I really need meds. After she prescribed the Busbar and told me things that I found seem not to be correct, (I did Google it) it only confused me more. Yes your so right to not Google any more. Sometimes it helps but more often than not. I was hoping to get some advice based off of experience. Other then being a worry wart and mild high blood pressure, I am very healthy medically. I have had stress tests blood work etc and all good. IThank you again so much for your response. If you have any other suggestions that you might think of please let me know. Thanks again.

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