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Anxiety Meds and Pain Meds


I’ve suffered from anxiety and depression for 22 years. After lots of therapy and different medications, I’ve been on an effective Med regimen for several years. Part of that regimen is Xanax 0.5 mg three times a day. I recently sustained a pretty severe broken leg and I’m on pain meds. Due to this my psychiatrist took my Xanax down to one a day. I understand this, due to the risk of the 2 meds together. She replaced the other doses of Xanax with Gabapentin 150 mg. This is not working. My anxiety is out of control. I think I’m probably going through a little withdrawal, as I’ve been on the Xanax regimen for several years. It worked fine and never needed it increased. Can anyone suggest something else that might help with my anxiety until I know longer need pain meds for my broken leg. I do all the different calming techniques, but I’m struggling a lot. Any suggestions are appreciated.

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That's a big decrease in Xanax. I would think that would make you feel awful. I would call the md back. Do a little reading on tapering of Benzos or call your pharmacy and ask what the usual tapering protocol

That’s what I think too. I’ve got a call in to doctor, but haven’t received a call back yet. Thank you for your reply!

You are welcome. Let us know how you make out

Just got a call back. Got an appointment for tomorrow to discuss all my options. That alone makes me feel a little better.

That's great!

Spoke to psychiatrist. She agreed to place me back on my original dose of Xanax, but no pain meds stronger than Ibuprofen. I agreed. The pain is easier to deal with than the anxiety. This practice is known for drug screening, so I flushed the pain meds away. Thank you again for your input!

Something serously wrong with your doctor.Xanax highly addictive and your doctor cut your dossage by 1/3 ?.I am on xanax for 15 years.I increase my dossage or reduce my dossage subject to my own ancienty level.

Another way please try Cranial Electro Theraphy.Its works for me.I am tampering of Xanax using this CES devices.From 1.5 mg Xanax i manage to reduce up to 0.25mg but my average dossage 0.5 mg nowdays from 1.5mg. Using CES device.

Benzos should never be stopped suddenly after long term use. Please call your doctor and request a taper. He should know that this can be very dangerous. Not only will you have withdrawal symptoms, you could have seizures stopping so suddenly.

I am writing to you again.Two days ago i fall down but no broken part but severe pain.My leg and hand like scalded.The layer of my skin peel of. Since its so painfull and the pain killer just solve my pain for awhile,I decided to increase my dossage to 1mg of xanax in the morning and another 1mg before i go to bed.

My mind is calm.I know its temporary solution from the effect of Xanax but its works fine for me.I am more calmer with the xanax effect rather than twisting around without sleep with pain and anxienty.

Groaning contantly with pain,i decide to take extra dossage of xanax to calm me down and i start to think wisely.

However i will go back to my normal dossage of xanax once the pain disapear.

Take care yourself.The anxienty and the pain only you know.You need to calm down and this highly addictive drugs helps.When you feel better reduce it back.

No offense but these meds should just be taken as prescribed. If you are increasing your dose will you have enough prescription to get you till your refill?

I have enough medicine since its a pricscriped medicine in my country.I can't even get it in Pharmacy. I need to go and see a psychiatrist. Not available over the counter.

Since i am tampering of xanax using CES devices i have more than enough.I keep the extra just for some worse day. I think i will reduce back to 0.25mg to .5mg in few days once my pain gone.Self Discipline is important when taking xanax. Doctors in most part of the world just pump in medication but they don't advise there is some other solution other than medication.

I keep google for alternative non chemical products and finally i came across CES.However not all CES devices works.I tried 4 different brand and one works for me. In America you can get CES device for 30 days trial period but i had to pay for all the devices since i am not from America.I had to pay for postage and taxes.

I not selling CES devices but just give my opinion.Its does works.

Thank you for your concern and take care.

I need to look into the CES device. I've seen it mentioned here a few times.

Look for Cranial electro Theraphy. (CES).

You had to set the frequency level.Too high will cause you vertigo effect.So reduce it until you feel no vertigo effect.Seller/supplier can't set for you.Its you need to test and adjust the level.

Use it when you watch TV.Its give you focus.Initial stage if you take valium and xanax reduce your medication to half.Never stop completely your medication.So far i using the last 8 months.I sleep like baby.Anxienty still there when you wake up but its will improve over the time.

I wish i can name the brand i use but i can't do that.If you stay in America free return if the CES not working in 30 days.

I hope its help others who reading this posting.

Average price in America 299 to 350 USD.

No need to buy one well known brand cost almost 1k USD.

Thank you.


I hope you getting better. Can you try CES machine.It's portable unit as big as handphone.

Rather than paying too much for medication like xanax and paying doctor fees please try CES.

I think you know the side effect of xanax - long term effect a bit of forgetfull. Use CES and gradually reduce your xanax intake.

I also do belly breathing.Its a bit tough to master but if you do frequently you will more focus.Also try to sleep without pillow.Its help alots from our brain continuesly working and restless.

I have morning Anxienty attack and keep changing the time of attack.The moment i awake i am in anxienty. I will straight wake up from bed and take a cold shower.After shower i feel better.I eat something and after some times i feel tired i go to sleep again.The anxienty attack stop until next day.Now days i have mild attack.

Hope my little advise will help you.Keep in touch and update me.


Raj Raman.

I’m going to ask my doctor about it. Thanks!

How are you? Do your doctor recommend this device for you?

I have 50/50 chances your doctor will recommend this device to you since some doctors don't even know what is cranial electro Therapy. If they know a good and honest doctor will recommend you to this device.


Raj Raman.

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