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Facing discrimination in regards to my anxiety

I'm new here. I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder 20 years ago. The first year or so was a real struggle. Had to take things day by day marking each day off the calendar that I made it through. I learned to keep my life as simple as possible to keep my stress levels as low as possible. Tried several anti-depressants with no help. Have had excellent success with Xanax or Klonopin. However, doctors seem afraid to prescribe these drugs. Can't find a doctor to write me a script for more than 30 days. Going to the doctors office every 30 days for refills seems idiotic to me. I have better things to do.

I am currently being prescribed .25 mg of Xanax twice per day which is very effective for my anxiety. I found a nurse practitioner (NP) who will write me a script for .5 mg twice per day which allows me a 2 month supply. Told by her to call for refills when I run out. I called the office 2 days before running out. Told by office manager that a message would be left. 3 days later I called to see if the NP got the message as I am out. Once again told it would be looked into. 5 days later called back. The office manager told me that she is going to put me on the "list". I'm assuming the "list" is labeling me as a drug seeker.

Xanax is a long time proven treatment for anxiety. Why am I having such a hard time finding a doctor who will treat me long term? I'm so frustrated with the negative stigma associated with this disease. Nobody seems to want to treat me. Tired of feeling like a "drug seeker" because an effective treatment exists and I'm tired of suffering needlessly.

Do I have any recourse here? Very frustrated.....

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I recommend you ask for a low dose of Tranxene/clorazepate or Klonopin/clonazepam because these are easier to get regularly and Xanax/alprazolam is commonly viewed as a temporary drug. I think that's the problem you are up against. Also, doctors are hesitant to prescribe Xanax and Klonopin compared to antidepressants because as benzodiazepines (1) they can be addictive and (2) they can cause memory loss after years of use. I agree that going to the doctor's office every 30 days is idiotic and unnecessary. I'm going to guess that the doctor is trying to wear you down and get you to give the Xanax up with the 30 day only supply. And, yeah, the stigma of mental illness is alive and well even in the medical field which should know better.


Thanks for the reply. Makes sense. I haven't heard of Tranxene but will see if I can switch to clonazepam. I work in the medical field and see the stigma regularly. Especially in the emergency department. Sickens me.

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I'm really sorry this happened, I hope you get the medicine you need. In the future, you might want to call for refills much farther ahead – maybe even as early as a week before your run out. That way, if things come up, you won't be left without the medicine you need.


Yes. Maybe I just need to work on my character flaws. Passively aggressively speaking of course. Thanks!


Have you combined the medicine help help with psychotherapy?


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