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Today will be better!


Mornings are always rough for me, the thought of everything I have to do over again really brings me down I guess, because it's the same thing everyday. So today I'm going to change one thing about my day to make it different (not sure what yet lol) but I will figure it out. My daughter also has an app to maybe get her cast off today and she's super excited so I hope everything goes good with that too, she's four and having a cast has ruined her summer. I hope everyone has a wonderful day love you all:)

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Hang in there...never give up!! Better days are on the way for you...hope will grow if you believe!!! I wish you all the best! Love & Hugs!!!

You've got this, Brittney. Have the best day you can.

mornings are the worst with depression and anxiety. when it is bad i wake up at 4:30 with anxiety and can not sleep anymore. and for some reason evenings are the best, when i feel better and happier. it was always for me this way. I am wondering why. at the same time i tell myself in the morning: it will pass, it will get better, it is not what you are going to feel all day long.

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I've always wondered why to mornings are aful afternoons not so bad but after five it's back again

Hi Brittney, it's all about the adrenaline levels. Starting between 3-4am the Cortisol rises preparing us for a new day. (although I could do with out the preparing that early) :)

By the time we are fully awake the adrenaline is at it's all time high for the day. As the day wears on so does the adrenaline. By evening, life is good again (for most of us) Just the normal run in the life of Anxiety. xx

That makes more since now . Thank u .

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