Better today

Better today

It's been two days since I put my bestfriend down but I've had dreams of him running around and being happy so I think it's a sign that I did the right thing. My family has been very supportive and helpful through this time as well along with friends. Thank you to everyone on here for the comments and hugs it means a lot. I attached a picture of my little guy. I will forever love him.

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  • Oh what a lovely dog. Glad you have got lots of support. Google Rainbow Bridge. I find it a great comfort when my beloved pets pass. Take care. xxxx

  • What a handsome happy pup. So much love coming out of those eyes. I'm glad you are doing okay.We are here for you & it's so good you have a lot of support. I think many of us on here have pets that we live dearly. So, we understand. Lilaclil is right about Rainbow Bridge, it was suggested to us when we lost Ava. 💛

  • I am SO GLAD you are having a better day and getting all of the support you need. Your dog is BEAUTIFUL!! My mom has a female - they look just alike :-) Please stay strong. Also, I saw someone wrote about Rainbow Bridge - I've heard that is a source of comfort. XOXO Fuzzie!!

  • P.S. I love that you are having those dreams. I agree - that IS a sign he is young and alive in spirit.

  • Hes a cutie rip lil pup what helped me was even though i didnt want to i got a new puppy and it helped ive never forgotten my other pets who has passed away but it was the right thing for me

  • And he will love u forever too. You WILL be together again, don't ever doubt that.

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