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Consumed by anxiety of unknown origin

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Right now Im almost always feeling anxious or deeply sad and I can’t find any reason for it, i’ve tried convincing myself that I should feel like that but no success. Any suggestions?

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A lot of the time it is a chemical imbalance, so it can feel like you can’t quite figure out why you feel so bad. Obviously the challenges in life can make anxiety worse, but if you don’t already have a doctor, I would think about finding a psychiatrist that can see if there is something that can help whether it is meds or therapy or both. I know how awful it feels to be consumed by anxiety and sadness. It is so good that you are reaching out!

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Svtempus in reply to mrsherron

Thank you, I currently am seeing both a psychiatrist and a psychologist, but I wont see my psychiatrist for another 3 weeks, Im in close communication with my psychologist but I don’t want to burden her anymore.

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mrsherron in reply to Svtempus

It is not a burden! And it’s their job! I understand why you might feel that way, but don’t.

Hi, you aren't alone. I am on the same boat as you. We will get through this together I promise. Things are gonna get better for the both of us soon. Do you take medication? try doing things that you enjoy or that make you happy.

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I take medication, i do breathing exercises, but nothing can fill the silence, i miss talking to someone how I am feeling

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pink83737 in reply to Svtempus

You can private message me if you'd like.

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