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Cognitive difficulties of unknown cause

Hi there,

I am 24 male,I have difficulty concentrating, difficulty grasping or understanding information quickly like at the time of reading a book or watching television or listening to others.I feel like i have a brain fog like thing that has slowed up my ability to process information quickly .

Has anyone felt like the same .I need help from u guys abt this thing.

Thanks a lot

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Are you depressed? What type of medication are you taking? I took welbutrin and it made me confused and hard to concentrate.

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No ,i am not depressed,i am taking escitalopram ..but its just abt the same with or without Medication

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If you haven't already done so get your thyroid function tested, the symptoms you describe are classic for hypothyroidism, it may not be that but worth ruling out.

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Thanks,i will do that

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Yes ,it too made me hard to concentrate

There are a lot of thoughts around learning issues, and a lot of them are misdiagnosed, we have a girl who was told she was disruptive in class,and maybe she had AADD, but it was because she was frustrated, after some testing, she was found out to have not only dyslexia but also a little know Dyspraxia. The best way to explain it is most people can problem solve like drawing a straight line from point A to point B. When someone has's a squiggly line from A to B...they kind of go all over the place trying to get to B. All this makes it difficult for reading retention, and comprehending what is read. So auditory and visual depictions of a task often can be more useful learning tools than giving a book for them to read.

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No doctor told me its dyslexia or dyspraxia or ADHD.Though i have anxiety issues.I have anxiety disorder.So,why the above mentioned symptoms

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Because of your statement: 'I have difficulty concentrating, difficulty grasping or understanding information quickly like at the time of reading a book or watching television or listening to others.', you didn't mention you had anxiety and depression, which would be understandable. I obviously miss-took your description of concentration difficulty, I was simply sharing some info about our girl that has similar issues concentrating. I am not trying to diagnose you as I am no doctor. Hope you get the help you want and need. :)

Do you know when it started? When you started that med? Inability to concentrate is a symptom of depression. Have you always been like this? Did you call your doctor yet?

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This is present since past 5 years.I have seen many psychiatrists from time to time,they give antidepressants,some say its depression,some say its anxiety,and some even say its normal.

I am confused. But i have made a good amount of research on this topic.I just need one thing that will help me.I need patients with similar symptoms to that of mine.

Then we can Share and know each other

I doubt there is any one thing that will help you as there is no such thing as a magic wand which you just wave and out pops the answer. What you have described is common and most depressives have great problems with brain fog. I know I do.

Why do you want to believe it's something else? Does it really matter if it is depression or anxiety? What does matter is the proper treatment of your depression/anxiety. x

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Yes may be ,but I don't feel depressed

Your symptoms can be caused by so many things, from nutritional deficiencies to profound brain dis-orders and everything in between. When ability to maintain focus or take in new information is a symptom, it surely makes it hard to do yohr own research too!

If you have family that lives with you they can often be super-helpful through their observations of you, but not always.

So often starting with a really rock-solid general practitioner is really critical to receiving GOOD medical care. All GP's may have the same state certifications, it that in no way should suggest that all GP's are created equal.

It's certainly awesome that we can compare notes and suggest possibilities to one another here though. One of my strongest suggestions, because it has really helped me in working with medical professionals, is to make a bullet list of concerns you need to make mention of during a visit to a doctor, whether a primary care physician or specialist. When I do not do so, it seems I always forget things and walk out of the office saying, "Oh crap, I should have mentioned or asked about x________"

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You r very similar

Have you been through a comprehensive psychological testing session? It will test your ability to perform a variety of mental tasks and will give you the likely diagnosis. Thee is something called Slow Processing Disorder I work at 10% of normal for my age cohort. There is also Sluggish Cognitive Tempo (SCT) which is starting to be recognized as an alternative disorder to ADHD. Psych Testing administered by a licensed psychologist is important.

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My symptoms do fall in the category of SCT .

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